More experiences give you more options

My name is Daekyun Lim. I graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with management major and business administration minor, and have a strategic management degree at Pusan university of Foreign Studies in South Korea. I am currently working at one of global weather strip companies in Alabama states.


Even though I am in my early twenties, I want to tell you that a person’s twenties are very important: We can, presumably, do whatever we want and whatever we love. We have nothing to lose. Doing more things can give you hardship in your life, but can also give you great experiences. The hardship can be a great experience for your long life.
I had many turning points that changed my life: I was a soldier for two years and I was the president of a Global dual degree at my Korean university. Those experiences gave me great leadership experiences with top students eligible to transfer to another country to earn dual degrees, and my time spent serving in my countries military really allowed me to focus my attention upon myself for once. At the time, I was frustrated for my career and dream, until I met a guy in the Philippines. He gave me one sentence, ‘If you are dreaming of an enthusiastic life, go for the way that you can show your passion and the way that gives you people’s love.” That one sentence changed my life. There were many ups and downs before I came to America, but I was lucky enough that I could graduate from two different universities, one from South Korea and another from America. The decision to come to America for college was hard to make. This decision meant that I had to consider my financial situation more deeply, and that was a heavy burden to bear. However, after that point, I graduated from the university, I have no regrets and I will never regret the decision. Those experiences, especially in different cultures, changed me a lot. It gave me a new standard for my life and a much different view from areas of thought that I did not think about before. There are millions of people who try to encourage us, and thousands of people who try to help our dream. A lot of people envy us just because we are in the proverbial “prime of our lives.” I have read many articles that people, who have a successful career in their life, change their career and start from the bottom. Even people who are older than us, they do it. I know age is not important to do something, but we have more energy than them, and more tenacity than them. Eventually, I found a job in America soon after I graduated from university. I believe I just took the first step for my life. I don’t know how my life is going to be in the future, but I will try my best to do what I love. The reason that I emphasize experience to college students is not because both of my degrees are related with business, but that in college life we can meet a lot of people who have different views of their life. We have enough sense and value by now, that we can make the right decision. If you think one thing has a well enough value to your life, not just in the moment, go for it. More experience gives you a broader view, which makes you a more considerate person in different areas. Sometimes, we miss a great value in our life, because of a part-time job for our expensive tuition fee, preparing for lots of tests for our classes, or too much work that make us unable to think about ourselves. However, we should keep focusing on our dream: what we want and what we love. The steps, that we are taking right now, are just paths for our dream. Think big and focus on our big dreams. Be ambitious, we have a lot of energy.

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