How to lose weight in college

Genna Ribak is a Florida State University graduate who earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Editing, Writing, and Media, with two minors in Hospitality and Communications. She currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida and spends her time writing articles as well as teaching yoga. She hopes to move out to California within the next year to pursue her writing career, and possibly open up her own yoga studio.

College can be a scary place for incoming freshman. The idea of being on our own for the first time, in a new place, with new people is terrifying. My first piece of advice would be to take a few deep breaths and focus on finding the good in every situation. For example, being surrounded by a new and different environment is a fresh start, and we do not get many fresh starts in our lives– take advantage of this change! College is an awesome place to truly get to know yourself and grow into the person you will become, if you let it.

Something that I was warned about numerous times prior to entering college was the Freshman 15. Honestly, I thought it was just a myth. However, within my first few months in college I had already put on a few pounds. It is hard to get the hang of eating right, sleeping right, and not drinking too much in college– especially for those living in the dorms, without a kitchen. Jimmy Johns is so convenient and they deliver freaky fast! Why not order from them every night of the week at 4AM? Caffeine helps us stay up really late when we are at the library studying for a test, so how can we not drink 3 Frappuccino’s and 6 Red Bulls to get through the night? What happens when we don’t want to go to the bars and drink beer and shots of vodka? Staying in and having wine night with the girls is a much better alternative, right? We save money not going out, even though we order pizza later on to feed those munchies. (These were actually my thoughts throughout my first year of college, and I know that I am not alone.)

Yes, all of these situations will occur to every college student in some form, but there is a way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time. It is all about balance. Knowing how many calories are in even a glass of wine is important. Joining the school gym is free and actually a really fun way to meet new people, while staying in shape. Of course, the late night snacks will always be tempting, even as a senior, but we must learn to regulate it. I am not suggesting you eat all greens and vegetables, nor am I suggesting staying sober all four years of college. Just being aware of how you treat your body is enough to avoid the freshman 15. Love your body and it will love you back!

Old folks always talk about how their college years were the best years of their lives. Knowing we have four full years or more in a place puts our minds at ease that we have forever to get the hang of it, but I promise, it goes by faster than you could ever imagine. College students can become extremely overwhelmed due to a variety of factors. Learning to maintain a positive attitude and how to find healthy ways to deal with stress is very important. The key to finding happiness in college is to appreciate each and every single day, and never get too worked up about the little things, because they will pass– yes, even the all-nighters!

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