What is freshman 15

Being an athlete most of my life, I never had an issue with weight. It was not until I headed off to college, when I began gaining that notorious “Freshman Fifteen”, but it was more like thirty. I want everyone to understand that college is a drastic change from high school. I never thought I would become as unhealthy as I did. There are steps you can take to keep healthy; physically and mentally. One way would be to form a work out and eating routine around your class schedule. Another way to keep healthy is take a PE or health course. Fit time into your busy schedule to just relax. There are always going to be a millions excuses that you try to tell yourself. Do not give in, stay healthy.

The easiest way to stay healthy is plan a routine around your class schedule. First, decide whether you enjoy working out in the mornings or afternoons. You may even have a free period in between classes. Next, you need to figure out what types of exercises you want to do. Do you enjoy walking/running? Lifting weights? Yoga? Write down what exercises you will be doing, how many repetitions or for how long. This will help with being overwhelmed with trying to do different types of works out all at once. Your work outs do not have to last for hours. Just plan out thirty to forty minutes a day, three to six times and week and you will be just fine. Along with your work outs, plan your meals weekly around your class schedule. One extra tip: write down in your calendar to exercise. This will help motivate you to actually do it, because you know you have allowed enough time to get it done.

Taking a PE and health courses during your semester are a sure way to get some exercise in. It helps give you a couple days where you do not have to work around everything. I chose to take a volleyball class, because I played in high school. I met some people I really enjoyed and we chose to start play pick-up games outside of class. It was an excellent stress reliever along with being a hearty work out. Many college students enjoy taking yoga or some sort of relaxation class to stay healthy. Whatever your physical activity may be, just get involved.

Relax. Take some time out of your day to just sit and do nothing. College can be stressful. The pressure of getting good grades, the anxiety of meeting new people and the frightening thought of living away from everything you know can take a toll on your body. Get up in the morning and grab a cup of coffee and just sit. Enjoy the moment of peacefulness. Are you not a morning person? The same concept applies at night; read a book, watch a little TV, whatever your preference, take some time for yourself. Do not do homework or stress about all the things you have to do. These brief moments to yourself will make a huge impact on your mood and stress levels. Allowing yourself to stress too much can cause you to become ill. Mental health has just as big of an impact on your overall health as physical health.

Up until my junior year I gained thirty more pounds on top of the Freshman weight I had already gained and it really got me down. I did not feel good about myself, I never wanted to take pictures with friends and my clothes never fit right. I knew I had to do something so I started taking health classes. They taught me to stay healthy by keeping my mental and physical health up. I learned about how to eat a balance meal and what portions you need of food groups. Once you start eating better, you feel better and that feeling with lead to getting physically involved. We have to realize we are no longer in high school. Our habits change, our routines and even our metabolism slows down. Getting a routine down from the beginning of college with help with the duration of your time.

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