More Secrets of Dorm Room Décor

Getting your dorm room right is really essential. Unlike any other room that you’ve ever been in, it will serve multiple functions. You will sleep here, eat here, make friends here and if you’re lucky, hook up here. So here is an additional list of items that you should add to your shopping list, that will make your dorm room homier.

1) Poster Tac – Posters are a must. Most dorms won’t allow you to put holes in the wall, so you can cancel your trip to the art section at a Gallerie. Instead, hit up poster stores or even the art section at local store and grab posters or prints that can be hung with poster tac. This great, gum-like invention will hold your posters to the wall and can be easily removed at the end of the year. Note that in the colder months, poster tac can dry up a bit. It’s not faulty. Just soften it up a bit between your fingers and re-attach.

2) Dry Erase Board – No, this isn’t for academic purposes, this is so that you can leave stupid notes on your door for everyone to see. For example some halls in girl’s dorms might display a countdown to their time of the month. Super mature! This is also a great tool if you want to leave your phone number for that hot girl you saw in the cafeteria.

3) Area Rug – While you may only need a bath mat sized rug for your room, having some sort of a rug is kind of essential. First off, rugs can add a little bit of class to a room with little room for style. Second, there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and stepping on cold tile.

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