Mountain Make-under

I am a recent graduate of Boston University, where I got my degree in English and Journalism. I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, in the fall to snowboard, write, and explore beyond my home of Massachusetts. I’m currently trying to adapt my girly-girl side to mountain life. I may never be granola, but between powder days and the après scene, life in the Rockies is pretty great.

When I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, from Boston last October, I knew a style adjustment would have to be in order. I knew this when I moved, but that didn’t stop me from bringing my entire collection of heels. While unpacking, my roommate looked at me like I was insane: “Where exactly do you think you’re going to wear those?” she asked incredulously. I didn’t have an answer for her, but figured at the very least my high heels would look pretty in my closet.
Then winter came, and with it any hope of going out sans snow boots. I’d go to work in my beloved flare jeans and Converse, and spend the day waiting in vain for my freezing feet to dry. Having lived in Massachusetts all my life, I was used to cold, snowy winters; however, practicality has never been my strong suit. The endless snow in Breckenridge soon forced me into buying the cutest snow boots I could find: fur-trimmed Sorels. I adopted a new aesthetic of boots, ski, socks, and leggings, ideally with layered tops long enough to keep my outfit PG. Winter may have won this round, but I’d be damned if I let it kill my inner diva.
Although my heels have yet to see the light of day, I’ve found that fashion and function need not be mutually exclusive. Breckenridge has a male-to-female ratio that hovers somewhere between 9-1 and 7-1 (it’s terrible, I swear), but by observing the local ski bunnies, I got a crash course in mountain-chic. The girls I see out snowboarding wear tight snowpants with long jackets, proving that warm mountain gear can look hot rather than bulky. I quickly bought myself some fitted gray Burton snowpants that keep me warm on powder days, but still make me feel as good as my favorite jeans.
I soon developed a major style crush on my coworker at the local ski shop. She would come to work in black leggings and Doc Martens, with a flowing gray top, layered crystal necklaces, and midi rings, looking like an après-ski Stevie Nicks. This girl could make a gray sweatshirt and a beanie look like a million bucks. Out here, less really is more. You can look super laid back, while still maintaining your femininity and sex appeal. I was finally excited to trade the city glamour I’d rock in Boston for a simpler look.
In Miami (from what I can tell), you go out in club dresses and heels. On the East Coast, if I didn’t dress up and do some funky eye makeup for a night out, I felt sloppy. Here in the Rockies, you put on a little lipstick and a cute top with your hoodie and boots, and with that small effort you suddenly feel incredible. I have to admit, it is pretty nice not to hobble home from the bar with swollen feet. Despite my initial thoughts, comfort and style really can coexist. My platforms and stilettos may not be getting much use this winter, but they do make for pretty great closet decorations.

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