Moving back home

Following graduation, there are many options that you can take to begin your real-world post-graduation life. One of those options is to move back home. Some people frown upon this option. Others think that it is smart. There are many advantages and disadvantages to moving back home once you graduate.

Say you are really uncertain about what job you want to take – moving back home is the perfect way to take your time figuring out what you really want to do with your career. You have the chance to scale your life down from what it was in college and really figure yourself out.

Don’t rush into settling for a job simply because you want a paycheck and that is what society tells you to do. Taking some time to settle and examine what you want to do with your freshly framed and hung-on-the-wall piece of paper that costs thousands of dollars.

If you really do need a job because of money – take up a meaningful part-time job or even two. Find somewhere that you can work that relates to what you studied, even if it isn’t a permanent employment opportunity. There is also nothing wrong with serving or working in a retail position if that is what you need to do. Just be careful that you don’t work so much that you lose pace in applying and interviewing for other jobs.

If you happened to secure a job that isn’t too far from where you grew up, (within an hour or so of driving) it is also extremely beneficial to live at home while you begin your career. Yes – commuting can be hard and challenging, but you can save money on rent and groceries depending on the deal you work out with your parents. It also gives you the opportunity to change jobs easier than if you moved to a new city with a year-long lease which could make you feel stuck and unhappy.

Ultimately, you have to make the choice that is right for you. Don’t let anything keep you from making good decisions for you and your career.

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