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Hey guys!! My name is Amanda Britten. I am a licensed esthetician and beauty blogger from British Columbia Canada. When I’m not blogging, I am running after my three amazing children who are so full of energy, and learning how to juggle parenting while my husband is working out of province.

As the holidays approach us we could all use a couple of helpful tips or beauty hacks to get us through the season. Here are a few of my favorites that I learned while working in a spa for years. I hope you enjoy!

Keep Hydrated- When the colder months hit, it’s easy for the moisture to get sucked right out of our skin. Keep moisturizing even in the colder months. Moisturizing is not just for summer. For your face, always wear a moisturizer with a SPF even in the winter as the environment can still be harmful to our skin.

Soft Skin- If you’re planning on wearing a nice dress to show off your legs during the holidays you of course want beautiful looking skin, or if you just want amazing feeling skin all the time, I mean who doesn’t right? Scrubs are amazing for exfoliation, they are so easy and you can do them at home. I love mixing coconut oil, brown sugar, and a little bit of cinnamon. Rub your scrub in a circular motion all over your body then rinse off in the shower, all done!!

Smooth lips- I know during the holidays wearing bold red lip color is always fun, but our lips need to be nice and smooth, because let’s face it trying to pull off a gorgeous color when out lips are chapped is not a good look for anyone. What I like to do is use my home made scrub that I mentioned and rub in on my lips with a baby tooth brush, apply slight pressure in circular motions, after apply some Vaseline while finishing your makeup, and when u are ready to put your lipstick on just rub the Vaseline off, and apply your favorite shade.

How to matte- I have been seeing this everywhere right now and I love this trend myself- the matte lip look. If you have a favorite lipstick and want to make it matte, simply take a piece of tissue and separate the two layers, place the thin layer over your lips and dust it with your face powder, remove the tissue and now you have just made your favorite lipstick matte.

Beautiful lashes- This tip is really simple, use you blow dryer to heat up you lash curler to get instantly curly lashes.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my tips and if you are interested in all things beauty come check me out at beautywithamandab | Beauty Blogger email: [email protected]

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