Fashion styles for women

Marisa is a senior at Boston University and native New Yorker. Shes likes reading, writing and traveling.

I think we can all agree that fashion plays a critical role in the life of a college student. We all love to keep up with the latest trends and designs, and there’s no shame in that. Fashion is our way of expressing ourselves.
What’s interesting about our generation though, is that it seems that price can often be put before the actual look of the outfits we choose. We see expensive designer bags, shoes, dresses etc. and immediately assume that they are better simply because they are extremely expensive. It’s important to note here that the real reason we may want those Louboutins so badly, is because they are out of reach for so many, and not necessarily because they are beautiful.
Our generation is quite guilty of placing exclusivity above the actual beauty of the fashion item. I have seen countless bags and outfits come off the designer runways, only to think, “Wow, these are not even beautiful.” However, millions of people are dying to have this item because it’s ridiculously expensive and exclusive. Many people believe that owning a $2,500 bag will give off the perception that the person with that bag is also a highly desirable commodity. When did price become more valuable than the actual visual satisfaction?
It’s not about how expensive something is, or how unattainable an outfit may be, but it can be hard to accept that notion when social media inundates us with fashion bloggers decked out in $5,000 oufits, and their Instagrams receiving over 10,000 “likes.” When we see individuals gaining a lot of attention for their expensive outfits, it makes us think we can get that type of attention too, and we can, but for a very large price.
Most people are not in the financial state to wear a new outfit every single day of their lives and there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Beautiful clothing is not necessarily reflected by outrageous prices.
Fashion should be about how good it makes you look, not how much it drains your wallet. As college students, most of us are on a budget, and I certainly am in no position to drop hundreds to thousands of dollars on a bag or bracelet, and I also don’t need to.
For me, it’s about the overall quality of the item and how aesthetically appealing it is. I would rather invest my money in a few quality pieces that I know will last me a long period of time rather than in one outrageously priced item that I will get little to no use out of except uploading it to social media one time.
The money you spend on one Chanel handbag is enough to make over your entire wardrobe countless times. Ask yourself, is it worth it? Are you buying this item because you truly think it’s stunning or because of the perception that comes with owning it? You should not be purchasing an item for the sake of reputation, that only results in wasted money.
Go with your gut, and put your money in what you think is striking or fashionable. We’re smart individuals with our own minds and styles, we don’t need to put our money in what social media says is trendy. We should put our money in what we think is worth it.

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