My fashion stle

My name is Tara. I am a 5th year senior at the University of Akron. I will be graduating in May 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Consumer Marketing. I love art, design, and expressing myself creatively. My future goal is to start my career, after graduation, in a big city.

Every morning I have the same routine. As my alarm is sounding, I painfully roll over and turn it off, drag myself out of bed and into the bathroom where I indulge myself in all of the hair and makeup products the industry has convinced us ladies that we must use to be beautiful, then once I have finished I make my way to my closet where I address my daily challenge: What do I wear?!
Now, I should probably tell you that my closet isn’t like most you would expect a 22 year old to have. My wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals; black, grey and white, with a little color here and there (if you count maroon as a color). I only own three pairs of jeans because, yes, leggings are pants and I wear them quite often. My tops of choice for this season are either over-sized grandpa sweaters from the Salvation Army, men’s flannels or the “basic girl” cardigan and scarf. Once I have decided on a shade of black, the shoes are the easiest choice. Black, pleather, knee high boots go with everything and are defiantly a staple piece in the winter.
You may think my wardrobe would get a little boring being only basic colors, but it never does. It’s not about how many colors you have or how many items are in your closet, it’s how you wear the clothes – that’s all that matters. One day I will be wearing shorts with tights and a sweater, then the next day I will be dressed up in some jeans and a sheer dress shirt.
Over the years and through my studies at college, I have learned a lot about fashion and the one thing that I will never forget is that fashion and style are not the same thing. Style is what you do with the fashion. Every single person could be wearing a tan jacket, but what you do with that tan jacket, to stand out among the rest, is style. Your style is the most important aspect of your physical appearance – it is what everyone sees first. The always say that first impressions last a lifetime, so why not make an amazing first impression and stand out even more than everyone else? Express your creativity through your clothing and use it to your advantage.
Honestly, I used to be so afraid to wear what I wanted and would always be worried about what others thought about me; why is she wearing that? That shirt doesn’t go with those shoes! She looks so stupid! But guess what? It doesn’t matter! The best words of advice that I could give to anyone, that took me awhile to figure out for myself, is that if you are comfortable in what you’re wearing and can rock it with confidence, you never have to worry about what anyone else thinks, because you will no longer care.
Make every outfit your own and rock it, because your style will never go out of style!

- Tara Critean

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