Style in fashion

I don’t really know how to describe my fashion style. But being at an art school I think really influenced my style. At my school the way I dress is completely normal but when I go home to visit, people look at me like I’m crazy. The best way I think I can describe my style is slight grunge.
I also wear articles of clothing that are vintage like. I lately have been going into my grandparents closets and taking things from the 80s like sweaters with shoulder pads. I guess you could say my style is a mix between the 80s and 90s. It might sound strange but remember I go to an art college!
I wear things like oversized sweaters, oversized flannels, high waisted jeans, mom jeans, and crop tops. My to go to outfit would be high waisted jeans or mom jeans with them rolled at the bottom, a crop top with an oversized flannel, my shoes would either be converse, jellies, or Docs. Docs, I would say would be my favorite item in my closet. I always try to make them work with every outfit. I also might throw in a choker and rings.
I never carry a purse because I feel like it’s just extra stuff that you end up carrying around. So I just grab my wallet and go! Of course it’s black so it goes with everything. Black is always a good color to have in your closet. Even though its not actually considered a color. (Sorry to talk colors, it’s a habit from school.) Most of my closet is black, almost all of my shoes are black. Black is just great!
My favorite store where I buy most of my clothes is Urban Outfitters. Everytime I walk in I want to buy the whole store! I would wear anything and everything in that store.
But I believe you should wear whatever you want and what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t worry what people think because you are the only person who can make you happy. So if dressing up makes you feel good then do it! Express yourself through your clothing. That’s what I always felt like was important, to show your personality through what you wear.
Two years ago I dressed like how I thought I was suppose to, to fix in. But leaving my home to go to college showed me to be myself and express myself through clothes and not to worry so much about what people think. Now I dress however I want and am very laid back about it now. I just wear what I think fits my personality. Apparently that’s crop top sweaters with shoulder pads, chokers, and Docs!

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