Fashion in style

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and recently earned my MBA from California State University, Monterey Bay. I’ve worked as a Visual Manager, a Buyer, and an Allocator, and I currently work at the Quiksilver Headquarters in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA! I’m also a Personal Stylist at Keaton Row, which allows me to use my creativity and style to provide great looks for my clients!

I fell in love with the idea of fashion as a young girl, when I realized that I could express myself through my clothing decisions. I would change my clothes nearly 10 times a day, waiting to hear comments from my family about how pretty my red shoes were with my bright blue tights and yellow polka dot dress. It was a way for me to be creative, play with my imagination and clearly give my family a good laugh. My fashion sense hadn’t come in to play yet, but I was already trying to create a look of my own that I still use today.
Today, my approach to fashion is quite different. In our ever-changing world of fashion, it is easy to be absorbed with the newest trends and fads that we see our favorite celebrity wearing at the moment. These fashions are difficult to imitate considering every body is different, not to mention everybody’s budget is different! This keeps shopping weekly for new trends and fads a difficult and expensive task. Instead of trying to imitate my favorite celebrity or current trend, I strive to have classic, flattering pieces in my wardrobe that I can use from season to season with simple updates when needed. I chose fabrics, colors and fits that will last and transcend from season to season, and chose simple updates with the newest color and pattern trends, such as scarves, jewelry, and shoes. This keeps my closet fresh while keeping my staple pieces always at hand. (i.e. my little black dress, great denim, classic t-shirts, cozy sweaters, and colorful scarves)
Flattering pieces are also always in style, which are a must in every girl’s closet! It’s easy to see our favorite celebrity in a popular style that is suddenly sold out in stores and appears in every magazine overnight. But knowing your specific body type and unique style can keep you from making impulse purchases that you know are a bad idea. Instead, I chose pieces that are flattering for my specific body type, which can then be used from season to season. I have learned over the years what works for my body type, and what doesn’t. It helps me save money and express myself with confidence, regardless of whether it is the current trend or not. Confidence and understanding your body type are key pieces to complete any wardrobe!
My love of classic lines, hues and silhouettes keep me away from the fast fashion fads and keeps my staple pieces close at hand. I admire classic designers that keep pieces simple and classic. It allows customers like you and me to create our own look around their idea. I enjoy adding my own creative pops to any look with fun jewelry, statement shoes, beautiful colors and elegant fabrics. It lets me be creative while showing everyone my specific style and confidence.
Fashion doesn’t always have to be about trends and fads. It’s about displaying your specific style through the style decisions you choose every day. Choosing flattering styles and silhouettes for your body type, in popular colors, patterns and fabrics can keep your closet fresh for any season while saving you time and money with new fads that won’t last

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