What clothing style am i

My name is Jenny Rozenzaft, and I recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in Economics and a minor in Political Science. I am from Brooklyn, NY and am currently working full time at a tech company. My interests include music, film, fashion, travel, health research, and writing, of course!

Fact: a large majority of people with many interests do not have enough time to devote to all their interests. That is my belief, anyway.

I know that as a former full-time college student and now a full-time employee, I do not have a superfluous amount of time. A week consists of a mere 168 hours. If I subtract seven nights of eight hours of sleep (I’m being ambitious), I am left with only 112. Subtract 50 hours of work, and I am left with only 62. Commuting every day kills about two hours round trip, and then I still have to find time to eat, plan for the future, exercise, socialize, catch up on Netflix, and do other fun young adult things. You get the idea. Not too much time to spend writing, crafting, singing, playing pickup soccer, or doing any of the things I’d like to be doing in an ideal world. What am I to do?

Fashion is an easy way for me to express my artistic side without losing my day job. I’ve always maintained my interest in fashion because I’ve always had time for it. Style is art that I can take with me wherever I go. I wear it. I also happen to find it fun and a great way to express myself. From my slightly more awkward hippie-esque phases in high school to my more structured and bohemian styles in college, I love to incorporate my artistic eye into my daily wardrobe and stand out a little.

I sometimes follow trends, reading Vogue or fashion blogs for some inspiration, but I mostly wear what I like. This hobby is not time consuming for me – I seek inspiration from films, street style, and my mood. Fashion is in the background while I live my life, like music I listen to.

My style today is a combination of sense of self and the occasional switch up that veers from my daily routine. Eclectic. Some days I dress more edgy, other days more classic and feminine. As a lifelong city-slicker, I do tend to wear a lot of black and hues more than colors, but I’ve been trying to stray from that pattern and incorporate more color into my outfits. I’ve also really been loving minimalist pieces. I like to mix it up. I enjoy a very balanced outfit. And I’m all about flattering attire. If it doesn’t look good on me, I don’t want to wear it. Fashion is art, remember?

Just one nice piece can put together an entire outfit. A simple white t-shirt and jeans from my closet are effortlessly chic with a great pair of shoes. I’ve found that buying a few nice things, like a bag I really like or a great pair of pants, is preferable to buying many different things I only like a little. I don’t have unlimited resources, so I try to abide by “quality over quantity.” Find one item you really like that looks good and then build around it. Right now, I’d like to incorporate a nice hat into my wardrobe. What do you have your eye on?

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