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Born in New York City and raised in Trinidad West Indies, Lorraine Lee was first exposed to fashion when she spent times with her aunt, a dressmaker, at her sewing school on the island. Going after her love for education, Lee moved to Florida to studied Elementary Education at Florida A&M University. After gradation, she was cajoled by fashion so she switched her career focus and moved to New York City to study Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at the Art Institute of New York City where she graduated and longed to become a fashion buyer.
Her love for fashion exposed her to creative directors, fashion show coordinators, designers, buyers and make-up artists. She would then style the models for these fashion shows during NYC Fashion Week. Off-season, she started blogging about fashion and styled clients for special events, vacations and album covers. She became an entrepreneur in fashion and closet organization. She now governs her companies Logan Sapphire LLC and Kingdom Closets as a stylist and closet organizer.

I love to find unique and beautiful things, styles that no one has ever seen before, but still have classiness, sophistication, and a “wow” factor, I love to wear it, dress it, show it. I got a lot of my stylish talent from my aunt who was a dressmaker in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. Watching my aunt whip up a 3-piece garment in 2 days for her clients was inspiring to me. She would then ask for my advice (even at 9 years old) what new style I thought she should do, so I would change the style around by adding different sleeves and changing the neckline. Just change the outfit into “my 9 year old version” of style. Spending so much time with her in the sewing room helped me to develop a great sense of style.
So I’ll say that my style is eclectic. I mostly also go with whatever inspires me at the moment I think of it. I may happen to watch a pair of shoes and then build a whole outfit, or I may be inspired by a specific color and stylish monuments are erected, or are moved by a theme and a new outfit is born. But my main goal is to bring the “wow” factor into my style with unique pieces that has everyone asking, “Where did you get that?”

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