Different fashion styles

By Nicole Vento

Anyone’s personal style is supposed to describe who they are as a person, right? To me the answer can be yes and no. My person style changes day to day, so what kind of person would that describe me as? Is there a way for me to describe my “personal style?” I’m not sure. I care more about being comfortable than anything, if I’m being honest. Of course there will always be that one pair of black pumps I refuse to get rid of, but what girl doesn’t have too many pairs of shoes.

The main thing I can ooze happiness about is the fact that my office is EXTREMELY casual. Being a jeans and sweater kind of girl all winter, I always find a way to convince myself that the four new sweaters I bought were “work clothes.” Easy summer dresses are my favorite when it comes to warmer weather because of its simplicity. I wouldn’t say I dress “boring” or “basic” but I definitely try to keep my style simple and on trend. Ever since high school I was interested in fashion so trying out new trends and seeing what works for my body type is how I create my style. Of course certain clothes won’t work on everyone but that’s the fun in fashion.

For me it’s mostly about staple pieces. That one Italian leather jacket I have from studying abroad is the center point of my fall fashions. The beige wedges that I can be seen wearing one to many times during the summer are cute but comfortable at the same time. Winter’s all about bundling up but my printed parka jacket lets me show my style while still keeping warm. The light blazers for spring are my ABSOLUTE favorite way to add a pop of color to an outfit. I am a true believer in small details making big impacts.

Keeping with the casual theme, I can throw on a pair on blue jeans, a white tee shirt and carry a bright blue bag with me, and feel like I have a completed look. I find that my style can be seen everywhere but it takes the person wearing it to carry it with confidence. Sometimes I won’t feel like I look great but not everyone has a style team to help them dress every morning. Those girls who take hours and hours to get ready every day, they don’t make sense to me. Keeping it natural when it comes to hair and makeup is the most important part of my style. I won’t put layers on my face and change how I look completely; you were born that way so why change it? I have to admit I have amazing hair, but it took time and patience to be able to learn how to handle it. Over the years, my hair has become my favorite accessory. Being able to throw some curls in my hair will change a daytime casual outfit to a date night look with a few added pieces of jewelry and a pair of heels. It’s all about simplicity to me.

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