What s my style

First thing’s first: my name is Patricia Luiza and I am a nineteen years old blogger from Transylvania (no vampires, sorry!), Romania. I started blogging on livejournal at the age of thirteen as a hobby. I used to write about my life, sometimes I’d post some silly outfit shots I’d take myself with my phone, but overall, I used that blog more as an online journal.
A few years later I discovered tumblr. It was so different from what I was used to and didn’t really look at it as a blog. I’d just reblog photos of things that interested me at that time. As the microblogging platform grew, so did I. After visiting Japan twice, I started channeling my longing on my tumblr blog, where I posted photos of the places that I missed so much. After a few months, I was hooked: I was posting only original, targeted content and my readership started to grow. Three years later, I can proudly say that my passion grew into something more and my determination paid off: I have just passed the 50000 follower count.
As my readership grew, so did people’s interest about me and my personal life. People would ask me for style advice and about the online shops I preferred and that’s how my wordpress blog was born. It started like every fashion blog did: amateurish style posts, reviews, lifestyle, everything and anything that I felt like writing about. Months passed and I started appealing to a whole new readership, different from the one I have on tumblr. As the project grew, I started collaborating with a professional photographer and salon, so the quality of my posts has improved considerably.
What makes me different from other bloggers? In my local scene what makes me really stand out is my hair and my style. I’m very proud of my pink hair and aside from making me stand out in a crowd it also gives me a boost of confidence that no outfit or accessory ever did.
As my partner once jokingly described it, my style is pretty much “all over the place”. My biggest inspiration comes from Tokyo’s street style. The minute I stepped in Shibuya and Harajuku in 2009, I was hooked. I love everything, from lolita to steampunk to gyaru, if I could, I’d dress like that everyday. Unfortunately, that is yet a dream, because there are no Japanese brand retailers in my area and the shipping costs are extremely high.
Even though I do not have direct access to Japanese fashion, everybody tells me that a lot of time I give off that Harajuku vibe. Aside from being Tokyo inspired, my style is also very versatile and how I dress depends a lot on my mood. Sometimes I feel like dressing in pink frills from head to toe, sometimes you can spot me wearing black leather only. It also depends a lot on how I would like to be perceived: sometimes I’d rather look relaxed and laid back, other times I would like to look professional and maybe even intimidating.
My passion for fashion has been kindled by my mom. She has always been a classy lady, carefully styling herself from head to toe. I used to love watching her pick her clothes before she went to work, then do her makeup and her hair. She wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of heels an some makeup on anywhere outside our home, not even the grocery store.
Just like my style, my blogs are a part of me and a reflection of my personality. I take my work very seriously and I hope I will be able to inspire you to do wonderful things!

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