Describe your personal style

My name is Amanda Mesa and I am a student at the University of Miami. Born and raised in Magic City, my style has always flip-flopped between urban chic and up-scale cabana wear. Because Miami exists in a perpetual state of summer, I always look for clothing that is minimal, elegant, and yet light enough to be comfortable in extreme heat and humidity.

As an intern for a local nightlife and music publication, I learned early on out in the field that less was definitely more when it came to blending in with industry heavyweights. I’m a huge proponent of the little black dress, primarily because I believe that clothing should never outshine or overpower one’s own beauty. Sure, wearing the same color over and over again might seem like something that could get tedious very quickly, but I get creative in the shape and cuts of my dresses. If you looked into my closet, you’d find dozens of LBD’s. However, every one of them brings a unique silhouette to the table, whether it is a one-shoulder sheath or a retro-inspired hourglass dress.

As someone who is well acquainted with the city’s nightlife landscape, I am all too familiar with the ‘bottle-rat look’ – that is, itsy-bitsy tube top club dresses with soaring hemlines and skyscraper heels that women can barely walk in. Personally, I’ve always been more a fan of leaving something to the imagination when it comes to dressing up. Too-revealing outfits often scream “desperate”, unless of course you’re Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. The Miley Cyrus look is great for shock value, but you’re going to get more blank stares than admirers.

Like the adage that says ‘you get more flies with honey,’ I have always believed that you get more compliments with class. I have found that with the right eye for silhouettes and accessories, you can look chic and style-savvy while still standing out from the masses.

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