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My name is Ava Varasteh and I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I am currently a junior at Boston University. I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and am hoping to attend law school post-grad.

My style has changed a lot throughout the years. In middle school I wore the outfits that everyone else did: Uggs, sweatpants that said PINK across the butt, Hollister shirts and Abercrombie jeans. Towards the end of middle school, eighth grade specifically, I started a new edgy vibe. Band t-shirts, skinny jeans, heavy eyeliner, and converses. A complete reversal from how I used to dress. I left Hollister behind and began frequenting Hot Topic and Pac Sun. This continued until the end of freshman year. Although I left my borderline emo style at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, my edge never quite left. Senior year particularly, I started incorporating my old edge back into my outfits, but in a more chic and grown up fashion. Now as a junior in college, I’ve fully embraced my edgier style, and love flaunting it, even more so when I go out at night with friends. Choker necklaces, lots of rings, plum lipstick, a nose ring, ripped black skinny jeans, and dark nail polish. These are a few of my favorite things. Although these are my go-to items, I definitely don’t believe in sticking to one genre of style; I don’t walk around 24/7 with dark lipstick on. I enjoy the Boho trend: flowy pants, oversized sweaters, turquoise jewelry, natural makeup. I love to incorporate both styles into my wardrobe; what’s the fun in dressing the same every single day? In terms of more day-to-day outfits I wear a lot of leggings, big sweaters, and boots. Off the shoulder sweaters are my favorite and I love combat boots, especially with a cute calf-high sock peaking out a bit. Heeled booties are my newest obsession as well (I’ve always been a flats kind of girl). Comfort is most important to me during the day with my classes, clubs and internship. Nike sneakers are a definite go-to for days like that.

For hair and makeup I truly believe that less is more. I definitely have fun experimenting with makeup, bold lip colors one night and heavy eyes the next are great for going out at night. But during the day I love the natural look. Some mascara, light powder foundation, and a couple swipes of blush really does the trick. It makes way more of a difference than one would think. For hair, I personally am a huge fan of curls. My natural hair has gone from straight to wavy to curly and back to wavy but I’ve always loved when it was curly. Straight hair can sometimes make round faces like mine even rounder because it can look so flat therefore I try to resist using my flat-iron. I’m obsessed with the volume that curly hair provides which is why I invested in a curling wand, something that every girl with straight or wavy hair absolutely needs to get!

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