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Karla is an attorney and a freelance Spanish-English translator and writer. Karla began writing during law school, where she was a Notes Editor at the Rutgers Law Record, a law journal. In this role, Karla also proofread and edited articles submitted to the journal.

Karla has a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology, magna cum laude, from the University of Puerto Rico and completed a law degree at Rutgers School of Law. During law school, she was a recipient of the Judge John Dios Scholarship. While living and working in the New York Tri-State Area, Karla enjoyed everything the fashion capital of the world has to offer. She loves watching the different fashion trends in New York, Puerto Rico, and Western Europe. Karla believes that professionals in traditionally conservative careers can still be fashionable. She currently lives between New York and Puerto Rico, where she practices immigration law at a small law firm and works as a freelance translator and writer.

Karla’s personal fashion style can be described as classic. In this picture, she is wearing a black and white Moschino dress from Rent the Runway. This dress is perfect for those students attending political functions that want to look elegant and stylish. This dress also works for a brunch, a fundraiser, or a social event.

Jackeline Kennedy, Kate Middleton, and Michelle Obama are some of the sources of inspiration for Karla when developing her wardrobe. She loves dresses for special occasions but frequently uses pants. However, Karla usually refrains from using jeans and opts for a business casual dress code. The benefit of the business casual dress code is easily transitioning from one event to the other during the day while maintaining a professional look.

One of Karla’s wardrobe essentials is a navy blazer. An easy way to attain a professional look is to always have a blazer with you. Having a blazer makes your look feel complete and adds confidence. A blazer also makes you seem more mature and polished. Although the color of the blazer can vary, a navy blazer is a clothing essential for the classic look and matches with almost everything.

Karla loves to wear different colors and believes in dressing according to the season of the year. Using color according to the time of the year allows you to rotate your different pieces so you’re not always wearing the same items, as well as being an indicator of what’s appropriate according to the time of year.

Being classic also means taking care of basic grooming. Karla keeps her nails short and one of her favorite fragrances is Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir Cologne. Karla wears few accessories, usually simple ones and loves having a watch on her wrist. She loves to wear tinted moisturizer by Bobbi Brown and L’oreal’s Telescopic’s mascara for makeup.

Karla believes the most important factor for a classic look is to be you. This means, she only wears things that make her feel comfortable. Clothing is about having fun and letting your personality show. However, Karla keeps in mind that clothing is also linked to one’s role in society, budget, where you’re heading, among other things. Karla loves the classic look because it is timeless and appropriate to almost any setting.

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