Own your style

My name is Jessica Yarab, I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, a typical mid-western area. Currently, I am a Masters student at Youngstown State University studying Social Work. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Tampa. With that being said I have experienced total opposites when it comes to the climate and how to best dress for the weather, which is very important.
Moving down to Florida was an eye opening experience for many reasons. Of course due to the high temperatures, and even higher humidity the weather influenced what to wear. Luckily the campus was not that large so navigating around wasn’t too terrible, however, being a Mid-Western girl I never became too acclimated to that heat! I was always sweating no matter where I was going. This idea began to truly influence what to wear. Layering became my friend, one layer to catch any sweat, and one layer to be cute, because sweat stains are NOT cute. Sundresses became a definite go to for something cute, but simple and easy to wear to classes. Naturally the only items to ever be on my feet were sandals, which was truly one of my favorite things about living in Florida.
Moving back home to Ohio for my Master’s degree was a hard task to swallow, mainly because of coming back to the WINTER! Not having any experience with walking around campus in snow, ice, wind and freezing temperatures I quickly forgot how awful winter can be. I immediately had to get back to my Mid-West roots, which included my wardrobe. Bring on the high socks, boots, jeans, sweaters, scarves and gloves! No longer were scarves strictly for fashion purposes, but now to ensure warmth. Layering became less about sweat, and more about staying warm. The hardest thing I had to accept was the fact that I actually needed to purchase a winter coat, which I hadn’t had since High School. It has been an adjustment, but I am surviving the winter and will be finishing up my Master’s Degree in May, where the sun will certainly be back!

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