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Natalie Wheeler is a journalist who is actively seeking her degree in Journalism at the University of Oregon. Natalie hopes to one day become a successful designer or writer for a women’s lifestyle magazine. She is passionate about creativity and loves putting together colors and different patterns. This can be translated into her writing as she experiments with different types of literature from wedding planning, to reporting interviews, organic foods, humor, and now fashion. Natalie was an active contributor to Ethos Magazine, an award winning multi cultural student publication as well as Envision, an environmental start up publication. She has also spent a great deal of time interning for various companies. Natalie began interning for Telos Studios where she recruited and interviewed popular local artists for the studio’s blog page. She also helped put together a tablet friendly Expore Guide for 1859 magazine. Currently, Natalie enjoys freelancing while going to school and interning for Moxie Events, a wedding planning business, where she manages the blog and actively posts on their social media page. Natalie looks forward to graduation at the end of Winter 2015.

I would describe my style as a chameleon with a dash of Hip Hop, Indie, and practicality. My fashion depends on where I am going and the temperature at the time. Eugene, Oregon is known for unpredictable weather patterns of rain, sunshine and wind. So, my fashion is always changing from flowing dresses to a heavily layered look. I typically dress according to my mood. During the Fall and Winter I typically go with simple down to earth colors in the day time, and black or bold colors at night. In the picture above, I am sitting at a bowling alley while my friends play pool. I went for a casual look and dressed for the cold. I rocked my H & M black leather jacket that I bought for $50. These are a necessity for any college girl. I have a brown one as well from Forever 21, but this one is way more quality. I mainly wear it out on the town, but occasionally I’ll throw it in rotation for a school day. Leather jackets are such a classic look and they can dress down or dress up nearly any look whether a modern tight dress, or cute vintage boho pants. In the photo, I paired it with a fleece neck warmer. My father in-law bought it for my husband and I totally took it over. It’s perfect for fighting off the wind and traps heat so I stay oh, so warm. I never like to dress too dark unless I’m feeling down. Peaking through my leather jacket is my American Apparel magenta spandex jersey. The color brightened up my whole look. American Apparel is very popular on campus. I just love how each of their clothing items can be worn multiple ways, and my spandex jersey is no exception, it’s so versatile. To top my outfit off, I like to wear a lot of accessories! Have you ever heard of a copper bracelet? The ancient Middle Eastern metal is known to improve circulation, reduce bacteria, as well as help with other health conditions including arthritis. Eugene has some great locally made jewelry at the Saturday Market, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this cute copper bracelet. I always wear earrings, and some of my favorite are my silver hoops. They just glam up nearly any outfit. Skinny jeans and boots are a staple in my closet especially for those rainy days. I like to pair my combat boots with my favorite Rock & Republic dark blue jeans. As a student, brand name jeans can be expensive, so I never hesitate to buy them at a thrift shop if they are the right fit. I ride my bike everywhere, so having practical items that allow me to move freely is a must. My combat boots are from Macy’s and I am proud to say they have held up for yet another Winter. Add on some cute fluffy socks or leg warmers underneath creates a total cozy vibe.

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