My fashion style online

My name is Summer Rose-Pacheco and I am a journalism major. My career choice allowed me the opportunity to write on various articles about art & entertainment, fashion, beauty, and relationships. But to get into the fashion industry, journalism was my way of breaking in. Fashion is very much related to my love of art; from designs, patterns, colors, and expressions, fashion is how I further demonstrate the beauty of different self portraits I saw in myself when I wore an outfit.

When I think of myself in the third person, Summer Rose is never attached or identified by one type of clothing or style. I enjoy variety and change. Similar to art, I enjoy mixing different colors and wearing different patterns and just like art, my outfit of the day has meaning- often fitting the mood that I am in. Whether I am in an all black mood because today I feel a little sexy and dangerous so I wear a blank tank-top, black skinny jeans, with black combat-zipped boots with black Guess handbag to match. Or the next day I am feeling sweet and flirty, so I wear a debutante or skater dress from ASOS, either in a floral or aztec pattern with ballet flats. Then they are days when I am in a classy mood, I wear a dress in solid colors- often white, cream, or tan and complete the look with bold colored 3.5in shoes (ex. hot pink, red, coral, or cobalt blue) with a matching handbag.
My shopping strategy is to look for “unique.” With this idea I often shop online and overseas, as well as in boutiques- searching for items I have not seen too many people around me wearing. This is where my journalism training comes in handy; I flip open my laptop and start to research and after hours of scrolling through the internet I managed to come up with a favorites list. Not to mention I am a sucker for the sales section and I always organize my search from lowest to highest price because I believe there is always a better deal than the overpriced brand names or most likely that $300 handbag is on sale for $150 somewhere else.
For clothing, I often shop at ASOS for skinny jeans, skater dresses, and peplum tops that are out of this world due to their unique patterns and abstract constructions that are beautifully done. But ever now and then I would find unique items from AMAZON, such as the glamorous BB Dakota at a discounted rate. I bought an army-green colored skinny jeans which looks awesome with brown boots or gold colored ballet flats, a beige colored tank-top with gold sequins and a matching army-green jacket if the weather is a bit chilly. I completed the look with a beige handbag, which I normally purchase from a boutique called FRANCESCA’S because they not only have great deals and variety of colors, but they provide a 10% student discount. So don’t forget to ask!
When it comes to shoes, there is no places like GUESS that has the perfect suede heels with the perfect fit, and when the purchase points add up, they send me a $10 off coupon. However, they do not always have a sale that catches my eyes, so I turn to ZAPPOS or 6PM website where I find the ballet flats with style and comfort, and where the shoe selection is unlimited in size, color, and material. So, when you cannot find the shoes you are looking for at LORD & TAYLOR, just try these websites because you might find it at a discounted rate.
Now, for my favorite part of an outfit, the makeup- or that main artwork. What woman doesn’t look good with a sexy red lipstick, which can be purchased at SEPHORA. My red lips have enhanced my look in my bodycon white dress or when wearing my favorite navy blue skinny jeans and white tank with red strapped heels from DSW- either in suede or patent material. I have a collection of lipsticks in reds, pinks, and nude. I love wearing a matte lip because it reminds of a painting when dried and it blends perfectly as if it were my natural lip color. I also enjoy wearing a light pink lip color with shimmer because it fits the flirty-everyday-girl type and goes alone with every outfit I have worn. Brands I love are from NARS, MAKEUP FOREVER, MILANI, and KORRES. Of all the brands, MILANI has caught my attention because this company took the time to actually make their lipstick smell like a fruits and I cannot think of a better way to seal a kiss.
These are just a list of the main stores I like to shop, but they are times when I do find items near home from stores such as: H&M- where I bought my long-sleeve botton-up denim shirt for back to school and FOREVER 21- where I bought my first red coat made from cotton material, which makes my red-lipstick looks even better.

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