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Julie Robine is an art student currently finishing her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. Though her focus lies in illustration, she has a strong interest in fashion and style. Originally from Paris, she loves French culture, and tries her best to exemplify the classic-but-cool French flair.

I am French. Parisian, to be exact. By default, I carry the burden of French stereotypes of style and elegance. The Parisian girl glides through her day with effortless grace, prancing by the Seine in heels and perfectly disheveled hair. Extra points for holding a straw bag and a baguette.
It’s an exaggeration. The Parisian girl had things to do. Often, comfort comes first. The important difference between being comfortable and being sloppy is where French style gets its strength. Personally, I don’t like my outfit to restrain me to live my life. My typical day to day is a pair of black jeans, a t-shirt, a warm sweater, and a pair of comfortable shoes. It’s simple, and if done correctly, effortlessly French. The importance resides in the choice of the items and colors. Dress for your body type! I’m straight up and down. All my clothing is carefully considered. My jeans are skinny, in shades of navy, gray, and black, and usually mid or high-rise. Often, I get them cut at the ankle, because I like the detail of a colorful sock to add an unexpected pop. My shirts are usually V-neck or boat neck, and either a solid color, or with a simple graphic element. Simplicity, with an edge, is key. A good sweater will be cut just below hip line, and have one element that sets it apart- some bedazzlement, a bow at the back, a zipper on the side, etc. I typically wear tennis shoes, but either in black leather, or leopard printed! Otherwise, I wear Chelsea boots with a slight heel- the perfect day to night shoe. It’s all in the details! And in how the clothes fit you. The effortlessness of the Parisian comes from the idea that she ‘just slipped the first thing she found’ in the morning. And we do- because our wardrobes are self-curated. What’s the point of wearing something if it doesn’t make you feel and look good?

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