My first day at the University

The first time I step in my University I still remember I did not have a clue about where to go for information not even here to park, ended up parking next to the college of Engineering, lucky me I didn’t get a parking ticket because I did actually park in a permit required lot.
While I was walking I was seeing he campus of probably my second house for the following years, at the time I wasn’t pretty fluent in English. By that time I have completed my courses of English in my home country, but still I was terrifying of speaking English, it wasn’t the same practicing in my English school than in the real world. Next step get the panic aside and practice your English and start asking people where should I go for information. Fist student I ask about where should I go, kind of get that English was my second language, then he ask me do you speak Spanish I said yes, then he just switch the language. Start giving me directions in Spanish and told me the first thing things of where I need to go and what would be some of the things that I will need to do, it was like a ten minutes easy talk.
I start following the directions I was given, and I realize that I have just park very far away of the Union Building, where the Office of International students where located. I step to the office and I was thinking, second challenge of the day practice your English now asking for information here. I was about to ask for information and I heard the front desk person speaking Spanish, what a relief I will be able to have all my questions answer in my mother language, and won’t have to struggle to talk and listen in English. At that time I was still thinking in Spanish and translating everything to English and then backwards while I was listening, so at some point I was missing words.
I got to wait like half an hour and got a quick appointment with an International Advisor, and she was a Spanish speaker of course. She starts explaining to me all the steps that I will have to do for admissions, TOEFL, Math exam, and visa. Finally I got all the applications I need to fill and all the paper work to star my admission process. Then the advisors told me you have to relax if you don’t speak very good English you are here to practice and improve your second language, I guess I was appearing kind of nervous.
By the end of my first day in my University I realize, that over half of the students were bilingual as well as the staff, so I was felling a relief. Then just comprehend that I won’t be hard to start the new College experience as I will be able to ask for help in Spanish and improve my English. Now I realize that having the opportunity to experience two cultures at the same time was a good college experience, and I have that English – Spanish switch now as I like to call it, and change languages pretty easy.

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