Best career advice for college students

Witty, charming, with a smiling ease in life and everything in it, I’m a MBA graduate with a concentration of marketing. During my MBA program, I was a Social Chair of Graduate Student Assembly. During my tenure, I was dedicated to enhancing graduate school life through social events, networking and a sense of belonging with Baruch College and school mates.

I’m blessed to have had ample opportunities to study abroad and have benefited from my international educational background. Having studied in China, Hong Kong, Australia and New York, I have embraced multiculturalism and have made friends across the globe, equipping myself with a world view on various subjects.

I believe in taking action. Actions speak louder than words.
First and foremost, take action to pursue what I want to achieve in life. Take action to fulfill what I dare to dream in life!!!

Throughout my academic and career life, I’ve learned the importance of mentorship and guidance as some key success factors. If I have the opportunity to relive my college life, I would have done things differently. Thus, I’d like to take this golden opportunity to share with you about my college life experience and offer some humble advice.

Have a clear career goal in mind
In retrospect, some classmates I knew went to college just for the sake of the degree. They didn’t know what they wanted to do and did nothing about it. It was time lost to start building a career early in life. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial if you have a clear career goal in mind when you enter college, knowing what career path you would like to pursue.

College life is a journey to help you prepare for it. If you are not sure what you want for your career at this point in time, please do not panic as you just embark upon an expedition of getting to know yourself better. College is a prime time for you to explore yourself vigorously and find out the answer on your own. First, I would recommend that you write down a description of your personality. Based on your description, try to match your personality traits with a career or a particular field of study to further your career. Search your inner soul about your likes and dislikes and guide your actions toward that direction. In addition, you may explore your professional interest through internship. By interning, you will not only equip yourself with hands-on experience, but also polish your resume and find out your area of professional interest.

It is valuable for you to constantly communicate with your career counselor about your career aspirations, goals and progresses. In return, you will get feedbacks and advice to guide your actions more effectively and purposefully.

Wearing different hats at the same time
College is not only a place for eager learners to accumulate knowledge, but also a platform to build your camaraderie, professional networks and lifelong genuine friendship. Meantime, it lends you a spotlight to shine your talents and tap into your untapped potential. Take concerted efforts to join student clubs of your interest and become a committee member to get involved in club activities. Club involvements will hone your organizational, social, interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

You should recognize that social skills are equally important while pursuing academic excellence. When you start your college, you should be wearing many hats at the same time. You could be a studious student, a passionate club leader, an avid sports player, an active contributor of a certain cause and a tireless networker. Whatever your roles may be, it can’t be just a student. Remember: college is the best time of your life, try to live it to the fullest with an enriched, diverse college life experience.

Time management
Good time management skills are vital to help you survive and thrive in your hectic college life. A proper split of your time that caters to your needs and goals helps you avoid excessive stress when you have heavy workload and before exam periods.

Life is about experiences, including your college life. Whatever your goals are, or you are on your way on self-exploration, try to make the most of it.

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