My New Boyfriend’s Best Friend is a Girl

You are an evolved and educated woman. You are ambitious, driven and smart as a whip. But all those amazing qualities aren’t stopping you from feelings of jealousy and self-doubt because your new boyfriend has a girl-friend.
What’s the best approach to take in this difficult situation? Before you jump to conclusions, ask yourself the following questions.
1. Does he talk about her all the time?
Does the topic of conversation eventually turn to her, even when you’re discussing something totally unrelated? Big clue as to where his thoughts are.
2. Does he discourage you from hanging out with her?
If your guy doesn’t want you and his best friend to become friends, something is wrong. A man who isn’t cheating would love for his two favorite gals to get along.
3. Is she his first priority, even on special occasions such as your birthday, holidays?
Do you have to consider where his best friend will be celebrating New Years Eve? Is her schedule more important than yours?
4. Have you discovered they keep secrets from you?
Happy couples are caring and intimate with each other. Rightly so, they usually know more about us than anyone else. If your boyfriend has that intimacy with his best friend, a red flag should go up for you.
5. Are your friends and family asking you questions about the situation?
Are you fielding questions from your circle of friends? Do they seem puzzled that you’re in this relationship? Sometimes it takes someone outside of ourselves to point out the obvious.
6. Is your gut instinct telling you something’s off?
Let’s say you haven’t discovered any blatant lies, and your boyfriend keeps telling you they’re just friends, but you still feel like something is off. Trust that instinct.
If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to do some serious thinking and then have a calm, rational discussion with your boyfriend. Remember, you don’t want to be in a relationship where you are not valued and respected.

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