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Rebecca is currently a second semester senior at Philadelphia University majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Professional Communications. She spent her junior year studying abroad in Rome, Italy and loved every second of it. Her dream is to be working in some aspect of the fashion industry in New York City. She is a fashion girl getting by one coffee at a time, and making a lot of great memories along the way. When she has the chance she loves to read, travel, and strives to try something new everyday.

One of my favorite quotes to help describe personal style was said best by Diane Von Furstenburg..” If there’s one rule for dressing, for fashion, its pretty much the same rule as for everything else in life. Don’t go against yourself; don’t go against your own nature. It’s only going to show.” From this quote you can take away a couple of lessons. The first lesson in establishing your own personal style is to dress for yourself, and yourself only, because if you are pretending to be someone you aren’t based on whatever trend is “hot” this season, others can tell how uncomfortable you are in that piece. But, if you carry yourself with confidence and a smile, there’s no critic that can tell you that you have bad personal style. Another way to establish your own personal sense of style is to take current fashion trends and tailor them to you.
For example, my style would be best described as classic with an edgy twist. I take current trends such as incorporating masculine pieces into an already feminine wardrobe. An example of an outfit that I would create on a daily basis is the boyfriend jean with a fitted ribbed turtleneck sweater, and a pair of black leather booties. The twist to the boyfriend jean trend I would make is that the jeans have a cool tribal print on them, and I would also add a unique statement piece such as a fun necklace to make the look mine. I also draw a lot of my style inspiration from European fashion trends, particularly Italian street style. I first got into this type of fashion when I studied abroad last semester in Rome, where I took a trend forecasting class. The class required us to walk around to different neighborhoods throughout Rome and create a mood board based on the people and atmosphere that it portrays. The neighborhood I chose was Monti, which translates to “On top of a mountain.” The vibe that the town had was almost considered hipster, but without having a negative connotation, that it has in American culture. Every building and bakery had all the original and vintage fixtures and flooring, mixed in with high fashion and modern pieces. The theme I settled on was ‘Vintage verses Modern.’ This theme plays perfectly into my own personal style of classic with an edge. The people who lived in the neighborhood typically wore a lot of black, but their all black wardrobes were made up of all different textures and came together flawlessly. Since living there for a couple months, this type of dress has made its way into my own current wardrobe, but I have made it work for my everyday life, while still being true to my personal style, which I had prior to living there.
I can say that my own sense of style has progressed over the years for the better. I think that we can all look back in the past and wonder “who let me out of the house like that?” At that time in life you were expressing yourself the way you wanted to be portrayed. For example, there was a time in my life when my look was a tomboy who sometimes mixed in Bohemian and girly accessories. I like to think of that time as my experimentation period when I was still trying to figure out what I liked, and didn’t like. I can only hope that my style develops even more in the future, because if it stays the same that would be completely boring. So my advice to anyone who is still searching for their own style is to experiment as much as you possibly can, and to not care about what others say, because at the end of the day if you feel happy and confident in what you look like, the rest shouldn’t matter

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