My personal style

I’m a Melbourne girl born and bred. I’ve lived abroad in Japan, the US and UK, but ultimately the need for good coffee brought me back home. I am constantly searching for delicious food and wine to eat and drink, the ultimate dress that makes me look fierce and to perfect my eyeliner game!
A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe came about after a couple of friends suggested starting a blog to talk about my fabulous outfits (their words, not mine) and to get the word out to other budding fashionistas that you can dress well and look fierce on a budget. I also love playing with make-up and pretending that I’m Martha Stewart in the kitchen.
A few other things about me; red over white wine (unless there’s bubbles, always bubbles), cats over dogs, summer over winter, eggs over easy – see what I did there? If I’m not eating (which is rare), I love to shop, read, run, watch movies, and I’m quite partial to a crossword. I also love organising the next outing and you’ll find me scouring social media to find out where the newest restaurant, bar, museum, opening of an envelope to go to is.
Rosie Rockets

When I think about style images of chic Parisian women in fabulous designer clothes spring to mind, but that’s just my interpretation and the thing about personal style is that it’s just that – personal. What I deem to be stylish may not even pique the interest of someone of the opposite sex, or someone who is 10 years older/younger than me.
My own personal style was (and still is) a huge evolution. I love fashion, but it hasn’t always been that way. If you told me 10 years ago that I’d be wearing heels and lipstick on a daily basis I would have laughed at you. Me? No way! At college (or Uni as we call it Down Under) I had very simple tastes. Some would say that my friends and I were hipsters before there was such a thing. I lived in sneakers and thrift store clothing – the more outlandish the better in my opinion. I dabbled with make-up and accessories but by no means did I think I was fooling anyone into thinking I knew what I was doing. My style back then was effort-less, in that I put no effort (less than zero) into my look at all!
Confidence plays a huge part in our personal style. I always admired women that were “girly” but I didn’t know how I could pull that off or if that even suited me. I believed that because I was a short, chubby girl I wasn’t allowed to wear anything overly feminine or too revealing. I also thought that you needed a bucket load of cash to look anywhere near decent. Over the years I’ve come to realize that that’s just nonsense. It wasn’t society that was stopping me from wearing what I wanted, it was me. So if I make my own rules, then I can pretty much change them any time I liked! That thought was so liberating it was like being cast free of my style-less shackles.
From that moment on I looked to all the women (and men) in my life whose style I admired and I emulated what I saw. I became like a magpie and stole all the best pieces and looks that I found to be most appealing. If I liked a certain pair of earrings or hat I tried them all on just to make sure if that was going to be a part of my new style. Certain aspects I’ve kept but a lot of things I’ve let go along the way as they weren’t part of the “new me”.
At this stage in my life I would call my style budget conscious feminine chic with a twist (what that twist is I’m still trying to hone). I don’t think style and fashion are intrinsically linked and as I mentioned, it doesn’t, and shouldn’t have to cost a lot to look fabulous. I believe as long as you have a strong sense of self and willing to be a little daring then the real you will come shining through – and that to me is super stylish.

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