My Purse Survival Guide

My purses serve two very distinct functions. First, they act as an accessory to complement any outfit I am wearing. Second, they are a store-all for all of the items that I need with me at any given time of day. It’s a girl thing to feel like we need to have every possible option with us in case we need it at any point in our day. My sister was in town this past weekend and stared at me while I quickly was trying to switch purses. She claims she was shocked by how much stuff I carried around. I think she was just jealous of how cute my purse was and was trying to think how to steal it without me noticing. But, I digress. I decided to dump out my bag and take a look at what I really do lug around with me on a daily basis. It includes: 4 lip glosses in varying colors, a pack of gum’ a bottle of aspirin, my wallet, my phone, my phone charger, sunglasses, 3 hair elastics, hand lotion, a protein bar, a hair brush, an empty bag in case I stop at the grocery store, tampons, a notebook, and a pen. I think I may be a bit of a hoarder. So to help all of you other hoarders out there (and save you from getting a bad back from carrying so much around), I have put together a list of absolute summertime purse essentials.
My list of absolute summertime purse essentials that every girl needs:
1. 1 tube of sheer lip gloss
2. SPF lotion for hands/face/body
3. Cell phone (ditch the charger and if your phone dies enjoy the freedom of not being reached)
4. Mini wallet with ID, cash, bank card and metro card
5. Pack of gum
6. 1 hair elastic (three is just too many)
That’s it. Try carrying only these items in your purse and see if you even miss everything else. Here’s to a light and carefree summer!

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