My Relationship with Fashion

Chelsea Horhn loves fashion, pop culture and can’t live without cookies n’ cream ice cream. She graduated from Albright College and is trying to find out her foot in the post-grad world. She participated in many club and organizations, and is a proud member of Sigma Kappa Sorority. Of her many guilty pleasures, she stalks Bravo, E! Red Carpet shows and Sportscenter. Catch all of her fashion articles here to read what she has in store.

My relationship with fashion has been a short-lived life so far. I wasn’t a young fahsionista in the making, or a girl who’s lived in clothes by Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, or Calvin Klein.
My interest in fashion began when I was 13-years-old; I started paying attention to the clothes I was wearing. I would go through my closet and consider which shirt to put with jeans, or whether I should wear dark or light wash jeans. Then I started shopping at stores that were more mature for my age, realized what style was for me and what items were currently trending. As I updated my style throughout high school, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion.
During my freshmen year of high school, a spark ignited! I was taking an Intro to Marketing class and fell in love with the craft of marketing. Learning different principles and selling techniques really got me interested in this side of business. Another quality I liked about marketing was that it allowed you to explore your creative side. I was assigned various projects relating to PowerPoint, advertisements, merchandising storefronts and creating jingles. After taking this course, I knew I wanted to work in the marketing field; however, I didn’t want to enter the corporate world of Fortune 500 companies making jingles for the rest of my life. At this point I decided to combine my love of fashion and marketing and decided to be a fashion merchandising major in college.
Another change in my fashion sense was going from Seventeen magazine to Vogue. When I was in high school, I subscribed to Seventeen magazine because it had everything a teenage girl wanted. It discussed fashion, health, celebrity gossip, daily contests and beauty tips. What I liked most about Seventeen was the real-life stories they produced. In each issue, the magazine featured a true life experience of a teenage girl and how they overcame that obstacle. Seventeen got me interested in fashion but I wanted more.
I started reading Vogue in 2011 because I needed to read a majorly published magazine that has the inside scoop on the industry. It has many articles referring to designers, their collections and other fashion-related topics happening around the world. Also, Vogue produces the infamous September Issue which previews all of the fall fashion, trends, and shows.
I have a huge obsession with shoes, especially heels. For a class assignment, I discussed my love for Louboutins, shoes created and designed by French designer Christian Louboutin. And they can’t be missed because of his signature, trademark red soles. I love every kind of shoe he makes. He creates pumps, stilettos and any other kind of heel you can think of. He knows how to make a woman feel more feminine and sexy just with a heel. He adds rhinestones, gems, spikes, or whatever creative ideas come to his head. I constantly see celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Beyoncé wear his shoes like flats, all day, and every day. My life goal is to be able to buy a pair of Louboutins for myself. Then I know I’ve made it.
Watching television educated me about the fashion industry too. Though I’m not a design major, I watch Project Runway to see what the designers construct with their various tasks. The casting crew finds lots of creative geniuses that craft interesting pieces that the judges either fall in love with or rip to shreds. Plus the contestants have lively personalities which bring the fierce, fashionista, competitive atmosphere. During award season, I watch all the red carpet events that E! broadcasts on television. I listen specifically for the designer so I’m able to examine the dress very quickly before the cameras switch to the next person. Red carpet shows have become a huge advertising segment for designers because their name and work is seen around the world.
Albright is a big connection to my relationship with fashion because it is the school I chose to receive my education. I could have gone to a fashion-based institute in New York but I wanted a real college experience to go along with my education. . I wanted to go to athletic games, join clubs and have the opportunity to join a sorority, which I did. Albright has opened so many doors for me, especially connections from within my sorority.
My inspiration and relationship with fashion have come from some random experiences, but I love the journey it’s taking me on. I can’t wait for the rest of the ride!

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