Perfect fashion style

My name is Anna FinGado and I am a student at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania studying fashion merchandising and marketing. My curiosity for fashion and the art of persuasion to consumers started in my hometown located in Pennsylvania. I was raised in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, a far cry from the fashion capital of the world. Even though major fashion labels and designers aren’t a big priority, the people of St. Marys still have their own style for which I have grown curious to explore. My interest in style and how people choose their favorite brands has followed me to school and the places school has taken me.
High school was where style really started for me and most others. Whether it was creating an image or caving under the social pressures of fitting in, high school gave us the liberty to start exploring our identities through apparel. Throughout the different crowds that roamed the hallways of my high school, each student shared a similar style: casual. American Eagle Outfitters, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch helped us get through each eight hour day by providing jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies in every color and style. These American lifestyle brands succeeded at selling their logo covered apparel at luxury prices because they understood the power of brands, and the psychographics behind fitting in with others. After graduating high school, I left all of my Hollister and Abercrombie clothing at home when I discovered styles and brands at college were completely different.
My freshman year at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania exposed me to a whole new environment of consumer behavior and style. In 2010, high school graduates from every part of Pennsylvania packed up their belongings and headed towards the small town of Indiana in order to fulfill their college education. Students from major cities and rural towns were brought to the university and created a melting pot of different personas. Even with the variety of styles and brands among this young community, I recognized similar characteristics this vast group shared. Compared to high school, the undergraduates of Indiana University of Pennsylvania dressed more towards the issues that arose at the university like extreme weather conditions and low bank accounts. Popular styles and brands that defended us against the weather included North Face Jackets, Ugg Boots, and IUP printed clothing. Knock-off brands of these trending looks gave us a chance to afford these latest styles. I learned from high school and college that styles continuously change as much as our surroundings and demographics change. As an aspiring retail marketer, I will bring these experiences along with me into the working force to reach each and every consumer!

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