How can i find my style

My name is Bobby Nicolescu. I graduated from Boston University and The University of Illinois and currently work as research editor in the field of advertising. I love the history of fashion, quirky finds, and jewelry!

Spring is coming! That’s such great news – not because of spring, of course; who needs spring? Chilly weather, capricious rain, mud puddles, and the wind – especially where I live, south of Chicago: don’t get me started on what that does to my hair. No, I’m excited about spring because summer comes right after, and with it the chance to wear my favorite things!
First on the list are dresses, dresses, dresses! I’m a curvy, muscular 4’ 11” size 2 to 4 and, to this date, have found no jeans that enclose my body without squeezing it, that feel soft to the touch and breathable without losing shape, and, yes, that flatteringly combine bootcut with skinny fit. Not to mention the colors! Pastels? OK, 2013. But still? They’re just not me. So, after years of dutifully wearing pants or shorts (face it: they’re pants also!) – I called it quits and shopped for dresses. I quickly found many eco-friendly designers who create quirky, colorful designs from organic cotton and bamboo fibers. The dresses are extremely lightweight, soft, breathable. A bit pricier than department-store polyesters – maybe on account of non-toxic, earth-friendly dyes – they do not overheat the body at all and last much longer. And, with so many sales and coupons (retailmenot, everyone?), it’s super easy to get organic clothes for under $50.
My go-to designers are Synergy Organic Clothing (made in Nepal), Ash & Rose, and Ethos Paris, and the perfect sandals to complete the look come from Clarks. Yes, Mother England has done it again: extremely comfortable, breathable leather sandals and flats, low to medium-heel, work wonders for someone who, like me, enjoys long walks! Similarly, Steve Madden gladiator sandals power-up any dress, and, of course, Nine West, provides unique designs year after year! While on the high-end of the heel spectrum, the well-made footbed and beautiful colors usually found in Nine West designs make these shoes all worth it. Together with Steve Madden’s timeless nude and powder-pink pumps, they really round out a wardrobe… But I’m not finished!
There’s so much to love about summer! Especially that, sometimes, it gets a bit chilly. Okay, it does tousle the curls a bit, and it’s really annoying at the beach, especially when it’s like 5 p.m. and you’re dying to take one last swim before driving home – but chilly breezes on a summer evening can be quite romantic. Say, in that brief walk home with him, from downtown or the beach – the sunset, the thrill, the promise of a movie… Under those circumstances, a fine, lightweight, mid-thigh cardigan finishes off the outfit, makes it more elegant, and serves as sweet reminder of a soft touch. The softer the fabric, the sweeter the look; ivory, loose-thread, fringes, a little bit off-shoulder… you catch my drift. Added to that, the softly-worn cognac leather hobo, with fringes also, the chandelier earrings, the bangle bracelets, and the feel of sand and sea… I can’t wait for summer!

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