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Lola is a recent graduate from the University of Florida, where she earned her bachelors in telecommunications. Raised in the beautiful Sunshine State, Lola loves spending time out on the water with the beach being her self-proclaimed second home. When not soaking up rays at the beach, sports and fashion are two things that receive an immense amount of her time. Growing up in a house dominated by females, it was very prevalent to devout hours searching through sales racks to see what beauties were to be found on a budget. Lola’s wardrobe is filled with many different styles of clothing because it’s never fun to have only one type of clothing. Fashion is art and we are all artists. Lola hopes that her passion for fashion will one day land her an all- access pass to New York Fashion Week one day.

For as long as I could remember, my everyday fashion consisted of yoga pants and sweatshirts. Occasionally I would mix it up and pair my University of Florida gear with my favorite pair of ripped jeans, but that was only on a good day. A good day was when I woke up more than 30 minutes before my first class. Fancy, right? If you were to ask me one year ago what my ideal wedding ensemble consisted of, an all white pair of converse would be my shoe of choice for my special day. Yoga pants, sweatshirts, and chucks. This can not be the making of a fashion blogger…or can it?

During my love affair with pullover hoodies and spandex, my passion for fashion crept it’s way into the picture. I’d catch myself admiring the ‘polished princesses’ from afar. You know…those girls who would wake up hours before class to not only wear make-up to an early morning class, but HEELS too! How was this possible? Did these chicks not spend their entire night cramming like I did? How could they manage to look camera ready at the crack of dawn? Unbelievable. But, these polished princesses did teach me that fashion is more than just the first appearance others view of you.

Fashion is art and we’re all artists.

Some may color within the lines by only wearing items that are in style or socially acceptable while others are rebels who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines. The beauty of fashion is that every person has a different dose of creativity to contribute. It’s safe to say that I color within the lines with the occasional streak or two outside the lines. When I look in my closet, I see items from many different fashion genres. One thing is for sure, I ADORE sparkles. My favorite Little Black Dress is covered in sequence and I have yet to regret purchasing it. Confession time. I, Lola Gabrielle, am that gal that gets fixated on one specific fashion item and I will purchase it in bulk! I honestly have at least three, maybe four, sequence dresses. But, in my defense, you never know when you’ll walk a red carpet so why not have a variety for when that day comes? And this is how my brain works, wishful thinking at its finest. Alongside my obsession to sparkle and shine, comfy yet cute selections can be found in my wardrobe. No…I’m not talking about my surplus of yoga pants and sweatshirts, but other options that will get the job done without you having to constantly remind yourself that “beauty is pain”. I love maxi – skirts, jumpsuits, blazers and denim. I feel like these are all items that every gal can use in her wardrobe. These are all pieces that you can dress up or down which is a huge plus when you’re on a budget. Denim literally goes with everything which is awesome. Blazers can not only be used for professional settings, but they’re an amazing accent to an adorable jumpsuit. Maxi- skirts have a special place in my heart solely because you can never look bloated in a maxi-skirt. Win, Win!

As I look at my wardrobe and see all of the different pieces, I can’t help but think of how far this professional yoga pant wearer has come. The variety of my fashion is what makes my personal art of style worth appreciating. I look forward to opening my closet to you and sharing my views on the wonders of fashion.

- Lola Gabrielle

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