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Born and raised in New York, Ro Kalonaros loves writing, hanging out on the beach, and playing tennis. As a fervent foodie and wine-lover, she has spent a lot of time traveling and exploring the US, Europe, and Africa. Ro lived in the nation’s capital for four years, studying English and Dramatic Lit at The George Washington University, but is happy to be back in New York with her family (especially her dog). As a former web editor at Shape Magazine, her work has been published on a number of popular websites.

My style is very Williamsburg meets high fashion. Living there, I can’t help wanting to add quirky touches to my wardrobe and getting a little boho chic. I love anything that’s one-of-a-kind, especially accessories, because I’m able to put together outfits that are unique. I’m always up for sifting through the vintage stores that surround my apartment. I almost exclusively live in skinny jeans because they look great with almost any top and any shoe.

Though I love my sky-high Jimmy Choo and Louboutin, I save those for special occasions because walking around New York in those is nearly impossible. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made is a floral pair of Doc Marten boots. They’ve lasted me years without any wear and tear, and I get a compliment about them almost every time I put them on. When I need to dress up a little, a boot with a chunky heel in the winter or a wedge in the summer is always my go-to. Never buy a shoe you can’t walk in—it could be the most sought after shoe straight from the runway—but if you can’t work them, they’ll lose all of their allure.

After spending my childhood summers in Greece, my style has taken on the hues of the Mediterranean—a royal blue looks incredible on anyone. A chunky turquoise or jewel-toned necklace can make a black dress or blouse totally pop. In the summer I love an all-white ensemble with a splash of green or blue; it never ceases to make me look tanned, polished, and sleek.

I’m a sucker for hats. I love a big floppy hat for travelling and sightseeing. Not only does it keep you from getting burnt, but it makes any outfit look chic and effortless. More casually, I love the way a snapback looks, especially if it’s your boyfriend’s or if it’s for a team you like. I think it’s all about the attitude you wear it with. I am constantly freezing, so in the fall and winter, I’m addicted to beanies and felt floppy hats.

I am also a big proponent in investing in a couple of staple pieces. I have a stunning Helmut Lang blazer that was expensive, but that I wear on so many occasions. It’s sturdy and perfectly tailored and I can throw it over almost any top to look professional and put together. A well-tailored blazer and pair of black dress pants (I happen to love cigarette-style) are a must in every wardrobe. A nice jumpsuit is also a great investment. Go for good quality and timelessness and it will last you forever. I know this from my mother, who has beautiful pieces from when she was my age.

Most of the time I dress the way I feel that day. I rarely plan my outfits out before. For me style is all about feeling like myself. There are some things that are trending that I’d never wear and that’s okay. I find the trends that suit me and incorporate them into my own aesthetic. One thing I stand firm on—a little mascara makes a huge difference.

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