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My name is Stephanie I am a manager of a retail store and a Visual Merchandiser. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. I have been in the retail business for 5 years. I have studied abroad in Maui and London. I have produced fashion shows in the United States and in England. I have previously written for my campus fashion publications and the admissions office. I love traveling and taking pictures of local fashions, art and nature. In my other free time I spend it creating project, reading, writing, and spending time with my loved ones.

My name is Stephanie and I am a leader and a Visual Merchandiser. It has been two years since I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. My life motto is “Live each day by learning and/or teaching something. If you do not do this, you are not going about your day correctly.” I stick to this faithfully. With that in mind, my passions that feed into this are literature, fashion and traveling.
I get my inspiration from an array of locations. It can come from my food, walking around on the street or the mall, art, the digital world and more. In the artistic field you must be open to see things in a different light then how it is presented to you. We all have on a different perspective toward life; the small and big things in it. You have to be able to influence your audience to change their perception on what they have in front of them; your masterpiece. I love seeing how someone transforms physically and emotionally, just by a change in their wardrobe.
I search what trends are prominent at the time and how I could create new styles for my clients or myself. I stay updated on trends by looking at WWD, retailer’s social media accounts, and scrolling through Pinterest. I mix things up from everything I have seen throughout history and my hunt for different styles. I alter what I see and make it my own.
My style is a combination of modern chic and a relaxed trendy look. The celebrity that most embodies my style is Victoria Beckham. I cannot afford the merchandise she designs, but that does not mean I cannot find things that closely resembles it, at an affordable price. “Does it come in black?” would be a perfect question that either of us would ask. I love wearing black and earth tones. Black goes great with everything!
My wardrobe is full of blazers and trendy jackets because they can instantly improve your outfit! You can wear jeans, t-shirt, statement necklace, and throw a blazer on. It makes your outfit stylish, but you’re also comfortable. Comfort is important to me. I am constantly on the go; whether it’s running around a store or traveling to my next adventure.
My accessories that I do not leave the house without are scarfs or statement necklaces. They are so simple, but accessories seal the deal. I have an abundant amount of scarves to add a splash of color to my dark outfits or to keep me warm in this intensely cold weather. My statement necklaces are my favorite things to shop for. My top two necklaces came from unconventional locations. I acquired the one in London, England at a Vintage Flee Market; when I studied abroad. The other I found in this pop-up shop in Washington Heights, New York while exploring the town with my best friend.
I do not like wearing heels. I feel like they are great to admire, but most are strange forms of torture. Unless they are platform heels or it is an event that it is highly suggested to wear them to, you probably will not see me in them. I wear boots and flats for the most part.

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