Wardrobe styles

Hello all, my name is Ayana Whitaker. I am a junior at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and I major in Fashion Merchandising. I have always had a strong passion for fashion ever since I was a young girl. My grandmother use to always sew and eventually ended up teaching me how. She would take me to the fabric store and pick out fabrics and patterns to create outfits. I started to hand sew on my own and began creating outfits. While in high school I discovered a fashion marketing class, I took it my junior year along with a CAD class (computer-aided design). Also, at that time, I began to discover crazy makeup designs because I was interested in being a makeup artist. I learned about the different fashion careers and the one that caught my attention was fashion stylist. The fact that they can travel to style people and get paid bank caught my attention. Also being a buyer consist of traveling as well. So I thought why not get paid to study fashion and do what I love to do anyway? That long drawn out story is how I realized what I would like to study in college.

First and Foremost, I try to make my style unique. I absolutely HATE being basic. I really try hard not to shop in local malls, but sometimes I have to. Online shopping lets me shop at places where I know that no one will have my clothes. There is NOTHING worse than going out and someone else has to same outfit on as you, talk about ANNOYING. The only bad thing about online shopping is that you can’t try on the outfits, so if I doesn’t fit there is that long process of sending it back. Overall I rather do that or shop at stores I have never been to when I am out of town. Also I shop at boutiques because they usually only have one or two pieces of clothing.
In my opinion, personal style is your overall total look. That includes your hair, makeup, accessories, clothes, and shoes. Now I change my hair like every two weeks because I get bored easily. Everyone knows me for having cute hairstyle and outfits all of the time. I enjoy being different and looking nice. I try to mix urban with sexy. I like to dress like I live in a big city, when in reality I’m just in Omaha, Nebraska. If I could dress up every day I would! I always make sure that I am wearing at least two pieces of accessories with my outfits. This includes watches, bracelets, earrings, necklace, etc. These items help enhance the outfit, it can make a plain outfit go from 0 to 100 real quick!

It is also important to make sure that if you are wearing big earrings than you should wear a long necklace so that you do not have too much clutter around the neckline. There are some outfits where you can pull off short necklaces and big earrings depending on the jewelry. Clutter can sometimes through off an outfit by making it look uneven. You want to make sure that you accessorize equally so that you have a fresh and clean look. Matching is not even necessarily important anymore, as long as your colors or patterns compromise each other nicely you can rock anything.

I previously stated makeup is a part of the total look. The most important factor with that is EYEBROWS. I believe that if the eyebrows aren’t on point, than I’m not on point. That is just my personal opinion. The shoes are what tops the outfit off. They can really make or break an outfit. I suggest trying on many different versions of an outfit and play around with it before deciding the final look. Friends and family are also big helps when it comes to suggesting ideas. You may think you look nice, but someone else might have some pointers to make you look even better!

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