Describe your personal style

My name is Fatima Murray and I am a recent graduate at the Wood Tobe-Coburn school. I have earned my associates degree in fashion merchandising, marketing and management. Being born in New York, fashion has inspired me and became a huge factor into being in my career. My dream is to become a business owner in the fashion world and sell up and coming designers clothing.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” by Yves Saint Laurent is quote that’s not only tattooed on my arm, but is a quote that I would always reminisce on. Style will always remain the same and represent what creates your swag. Fashion does fade, but some fashions do repeat itself. My fashion and style varies. I can be girly, with many golden accessories, draped in sparkly rhinestones, designs like polka dots or some skin sneaking through lace. Or I can become luxurious one day, with deep rich colors like burgundy or black. I can throw that on with a nice black chunky heel, with a fur vest just to make my outfit pop.
Being a New York City girl, I also get inspiration from women or girls that I may see while taking the subway or just walking to work. I may see a girl with an outfit that’s really cute, and I might take bits and pieces from her creative wardrobe and add it to mine the next day. Even my make up or my hairstyles have to make my outfit complete. It’s not about being cocky or looking better than someone, but it’s more about feeling confident and having a good mood throughout the day.
My style can be compared to a puzzle, where you have to find the right pieces to put together in order to complete it. Starting with the proper shirt and adding layers depending on the season. Fuzzy sweaters, cardigans, vest, or blazers can complete the top portion. Then down to the pants, colored denim, or distressed, pencil skirts, and knitted thigh highs. Of course you can’t forget about the plethora of shoes that can be added, or high top sneaker wedges, combat boots with laces or a nice little heel. Style will never go away because it can be turned into so many different trends or eye catching moments. My style will always progress throughout life because of the many fashions that will repeat, and the various trends that will occur. Either way it’s good to keep up with the latest trends, be creative and be you. Just think of originality as dead.

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