Style your clothes

My name is Lucy Waive. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Harvard University. Am currently living and working in New York United states. I work as an editor, proofreader and a writer. I have more than 25 years of experience writing blogs, literature reviews, academic, travel, politics, novels, case studies and web content. I consider myself as a professional blogger since I can write on any topic. Currently, I am working on my fifth fiction novel and I hope that it will be published soon. During my free time, I enjoy listening to music, dancing, drawing, swimming, spending time together with my friends and playing volleyball and basketball. I really like wearing a cap since it’s the only one that sets me apart at a formal event and even at some errands. When I wore the cap for the first time, I understood that the nature of the cap must elevate my dressed-up items such as boots and dresses.

I always apply lipstick to keep my outfit look a bit professional. Am crazy about caps and I have dozens of different ones in my closet. I consider a cap to be a great fashion accessory thus I always tend to match color of my scarf or purse with my cap. One of the biggest problems with natural hair is that it needs constant moisture throughout. Failure to wear a cap during cold weather in winter and summer sun will cause the hair dryness and there are higher chances of hair fall out. Wearing a cap during these seasons keeps my hair more protected. I always buy a cap that is loose enough not to bother me and strong enough to stand on my head. During the summer season, I wear a cap to protect my neck, face, head and eyes from harmful sunrays thus reducing my chances to get wrinkles.
I am a lady with a very active lifestyle who loves sports. A cap is also my best friend as I play. When I am playing Frisbee r volleyball, I wear a fitted cap that cannot be flown away by wind.

Most of my caps are embroidered with my name or my pet’s name. I normally feel fit when I wear one of my stylish cap. My unmanageable hair is not so cool to deal with especially when I am running out of time. During such instances, I always choose a cap as my best solution for my untamed hair. It is hard for someone to notice that I am having a bad hair style day. When swimming, I consider wearing a swim cap since it reduces keeps my hair out of my eyes thus reducing the chances of being dragged. Also, water with Chlorine can easily damage the hair by splitting the ends and causing dryness. To avoid this, I wear a swim cap to keep most of the water out of my head. I often grab my cap and enjoy my day with total confidence

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