What is my fashion style

A recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree option in Fashion Merchandising from The Ohio State University, I am ready to utilize this major accomplishment and take on the fashion industry! My ideal job would be one in the creative field that would allow me to be hands-on with product, designing floor sets or even working with clients.
I come from West-central Ohio where you find a lot of cornfields and more corn fields; pretty rural. But I am proud of it! I have always been ambitious to see what other opportunities are out there in this massive yet small world. I have traveled to London and New York City for fashion internships even though I didn’t know a single soul to confide to. Because of it, I learned so much about myself and other cultures that are totally different from the small town I’m originally from.
I am eager to see opportunities lie ahead for me and excited where my path will lead. No one said it would be easy, but I’ve learned from experience that its all about your attitude and who you surround yourself with.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with clothes and trends; whether it be watching the Spring and Fall runway shows on the Style Network on Saturdays morning to “oohing and awing” over next seasons hottest trends in my mom’s JCPenney catalogue. My all-time favorite show was the TLC show, What Not To Wear. You could always catch me watching it on a Friday night when the new episodes were on. And you guessed it; I was devastated when they announced their last season. Most recently my favorite show is Fashion Police on E! How could you resist Joan Rivers and her hilarious comments? I must admit, however, I didn’t have the best style. Most of my clothes were “hammy-downs” from my aunts and sisters and I didn’t know how to style clothes. Over time and after long hours of studying the style and trends of the 90s and 2000s, I came to a realization: my style can be whatever I want it to be; I didn’t need to dress exactly how the models did in the magazines and catalogues. That is when I knew I had a timeless and classy style, with of course, a sophisticated and edgy mix.
Being raised in a conservative family definitely influenced my style because while growing up, I was restricted on certain clothing styles and particular stores even if my peers considered them “cool”. At the time I wasn’t very happy with my parents about their rules, but looking back I am glad they didn’t let me shop at the boring, graphic tee selling, overpriced stores that everyone else shopped. It allowed me to express my own style and ultimately figure out what my style was instead of following the crowd. Because of it, my peers noticed. I was voted best dressed for my senior stats and often received compliments on the trends I’d start at my school, aka using a fun tote bag rather than a boring book bag, layering under sweaters, something no one else was willing to risk in front of their peers.
My style has come a long way since those hammy-down days. It has evolved into what I like to consider a “classy and sophisticated yet quirky style.” I prefer to invest in timeless pieces, such as a LBD (little black dress), thin paneled one-button blazer and black leather pumps! I am not afraid to pick up trendy accessories, as I know those are items that won’t break the bank but still allow me to stay up to date in the fashion world. For instance, this past summer I picked up some adorable headbands for outdoor concerts knowing that, even if they were only trendy that summer, I wouldn’t lose sleep over what I spent. To me, I don’t see the point in dropping hundreds of dollars on designer items that may only be trending for a year or so. I take pride in finding deals that many would believe are comparable to designer styles. That is what makes my style unique, always shopping on a strict budget but investing in the pieces that I know will be worth having for years to come.

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