That’s my style

Maggie is a 19 year old sophomore studying Fashion Communications at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. She enjoys monitoring new styles, discovering upcoming music, and exploring new trends. She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska but is a wanderer at heart. She’s been a receptionist, saleswoman, and an intern. However most importantly, she is an avid fashion worshiper that has an exciting future just at her fingertips.

Growing up in the Midwest can be challenging. From ever changing weather to unexciting city life, a young girl with big dreams can consider the corn fields and rolling plains a little hindering to her future. However there is beauty in the simplicity, and the challenge to find a way to stand out from the crowd, in a place where blending in is common, is beyond rewarding. From my unsophisticated beginnings to my progression through grade school and high school, I marched to my own drum. The way I expressed myself was through my style.
My family is always encouraging me to follow my dreams, but be practical about it. My father is a big saver, so spending money on clothes and accessories isn’t ideal in his book. However, I tell him I am investing. I would be “investing in my appearance, my confidence, and myself.” That will usually shut him up quickly, because who wants to argue with a teenage girl about clothes? Anyways from a young age my style started at little boutiques where I could spot the best graphic tee to pair with my skinny jeans. When I got my drivers license I would track down the most eccentric thrift shops in hidden corners of Omaha. From vintage jackets and homemade jewelry, my look had turned into a unique style that had an array of colors and patterns.
Living in Omaha, Nebraska has its benefits and downfalls, but when I was I was around 16 years old created a blog and found inspiration through other bloggers around the globe. High-waisted shorts and crochet tops were my new found love, and my obsession with discovering looks through the internet had begun its journey. Tumblr, Lookbook, Instagram, and Pinterest were my new allies in constantly evolving my style. Boho chic dresses, edgy band tees, and faux leather pants filled my closet. My style was just as predictable as my teenage mood swings, which made it fun every day I decided to get dressed up.
Omaha only offers so many stores, so soon I became disinterested and bored with the shopping scene in my lovely hometown. Online shopping was my new hobby. Discovering affordable websites that I could order from was my specialty. To this day I have at least a hundred bookmarks on my computer of online stores that I occasionally scroll through. Going out and knowing I would have a shirt or pair of shoes on that no one would else would have- it made me giddy. Dressing unique and ahead of the trends was my trademark and I was beyond proud of it.
Currently, as a sophomore in college studying Fashion Communications, I confidently know personal style is what it is what sets everyone apart. I have not even fully two years of experience in the collegiate world, and from my range of classes enrolled I have seen unique looks that inspire me every day. My personal style currently is versatile with a refined edge. Layering accessories and jackets creates an intriguing look that transforms when you take the first layer off. So, if I have learned anything from my previous experiences, just like me, fashion is always evolving. I am so happy I have chosen this path for my career and just as fast as the snow melts in Nebraska on a 50 degree weather day, I will be switching out my closet for a new one. There is beauty within the disorder and excitement in the chaos in which I call My Style Journey.

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