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Olivia is a regular at London Fashion Week, and is often seen
interviewing celebrities from Nicole Scherzinger to David Koma on the
red carpet at high-profile events and festivals.

As well as presenting, Olivia is also a well-respected fashion & beauty
blogger. 2014 saw her hosted abroad in locations from Gran Canaria to
Dubai, and her work has been frequently published in national magazines
including Elle, Marie Claire and Look. In late 2014, Olivia published
her immensely successful debut book, and she will film her first feature
film role in early 2015.

Having trained with and spent time in the British Army, Olivia is
extremely active and enjoys a variety of sports including running and
skiing. In 2012 she ran the London Marathon in aid of Help For Heroes,
and plans to compete in more charity races next year.

My day-to-day style is pretty casual. I love slogan tees and boyfriend
shirts, and basically live in my Zara skinny jeans and leathers. I like
the whole off-duty chic thing, and go out of my way to make sure I don’t
look like I’m trying too hard – in this industry, it can be very easy
to take yourself too seriously.

My days generally start early and I’m often running from filming to
events to meetings with my agent or publicist, without time to get home
and change. So layering is really important, and I’ve recently become
obsessed with rucksacks (my favourite is from Zatchels) – they’re just
so handy.

For more formal events, I tend to go quite androgenous. Because of my
thick blonde hair and blue eyes, I can look a bit Barbie if I dress very
girlie, so my staples are things like jumpsuits, print co-ords (blazer
and shorts) and cigarette pants. If I do wear a dress then I’ll make
sure to add some subtle edginess – like a quirky ear cuff or fringed

I’m really into block heels – especially with silky pyjama-style pants
and a clashing print shirt. Apart from anything else, you can walk more
than ten feet in them without needing a break, which is a bit of a

In winter, I’m rarely seen without a hat – it’s just too damn chilly! At
the moment I’m loving an oversize floppy felt, but it changes. I
wouldn’t say I’m at all a slave to the changing trends, but I do get
inspired when I go to events like London Fashion Week. Last season I got
almost embarrassingly into colour blocking with pastels. Eventually, one
of my stylist friends was like, “enough.We gotta go cold turkey on this
one”. So right now, I’m rocking monochrome with aubergine details. I
look so Autumn / Winter ;).

I think getting the basics just right is really important for everyone’s
wardrobe – like the perfect crisp white shirt and the perfect slouchy
jumper. Once you’ve found it, don’t forget it. And probably buy more
than one. My perfect black vest has seen me through all manner of days,
nights and seasons, and despite a slight moth incident still gets
outings, because they no longer sell it. I learnt the hard way….

I seriously do believe in the whole cost per wear thing. Quick,
throw-away fashion can be fun and feels like an acceptable indulgence
when you need a little retail therapy. But I prefer to buy a few key
pieces that I know I’ll wear again and again.That way, I can afford to
spend a little more and go for quality pieces that’ll last.

My real bug-bear is dry cleaning. Can’t stand it. I always forget to do
it (slash, take it to the cleaners but then forget to pick it up), and
never have what I need when I need it. So now I’ve taken to checking the
care labels before I buy, which I think makes me officially quite old!

I adore being able to share my style through my blog and my TV work.
Next year I will be hosting fashion shows on a new network called VIVE
Lifestyle – I’m prepping my outfits already!

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