My Winter Style

By Samara Jordan

Take it from a New York City girl, it is cold! I absolutely adore my city but I’m super jealous of those who get to be in the warmer states like Florida and California. Even Atlanta, where I attend school, is chilly and the fog is real! Anyway, it is imperative that we gals know how to be stylish regardless of the icy weather- it is or fashionable duty to not let Mother Nature win the upper hand over our outfits. After all, the hallways of our academic buildings ARE runways (right?) We all have our own personal style preferences that make us unique from one another- Thank goodness. Therefore, instead of badgering you about what YOU should wear, let me elaborate on what my outerwear choices have been so far this season and hopefully they will invite you to further style exploration.
First of all, I love love love the infinity scarf- you cannot beat a scarf that doubles over as a hoodie just in case it decides to rain or snow or the coat/jacket you have is not equipped with a hood. Not to mention, it could potentially be the saving grace for that fabulous hairstyle you worked so hard on for hours the night before. Let’s save a hairstyle and find an infinity scarf! They’re easy to find at retailers like H&M, Charlotte Russe, EXPRESS and many other popular retailers but you may be surprised that I found a decent quality infinity scarf at my local Walmart for only $7.97- can you say “DEAL?!”
Another stylish outerwear add-on that has been a go-to for me this season is the long-line sweater or coat. Although I am not very tall (maybe 5’2 or so) the long-line sweater has added major chic-ness, sophistication and flair to what would typically be an everyday outfit for me. They are convenient because they come in many different styles, materials and cuts so it should not be difficult to find the one that suits you and your style best. is currently offering these sweaters or coats in a draped and open front cut with styles like tie-die and maxi.
Finally, I cannot forget the riding boot. I have the hugest appreciation for riding boots because they give me this wonderful ability to be warm and trendy at the same time. Before I got hip to them, which was around my junior year of high school, I was stuck with bulky and usually uncomfortable “winter boots” that were not very appealing to the eye or the pocket. Yes, I have been able to purchase every pair I own on my slim college budget. The greatest part about riding boots is that they come in a plethora of colors and designs. However, this year I chose to stick to colors like black, chocolate brown and ox blood because they complement my choice of coats and lipsticks (I have been sticking to the grunge glam look.) is where I purchase from most often but and Macy’s may also have a delightful selection to choose from.
Don’t forget that fashionable can be obtained no matter the weather.

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