Natural Beauty: How to Look Pretty Without Makeup & Be Confident!

Born in Texas, Isabel is a 20 year old YouTube beauty guru and blogger with a goal to one day live in Paris. She is currently a junior in college majoring in Political Science and minoring in French with hopes to go to law school
​. Isabel constantly falls victim to wanderlust, and when she’s not in school, she loves taking trips to new places. She describes her style as very ‘classic, feminine, and colorful”. She is a self-taught makeup aficionado and her YouTube channel is a reflection of her passion for beauty, fashion, and her own personal touches of creativity. Isabel is a firm believer in her dreams and works very hard to make them all come true.

We’ve all seen them: those girls wearing pounds and pounds of their local drug store’s CoverGirl foundation in a shade way too dark, complete with poorly applied MAC eyeliner, topped off with a million lashing of Benefit mascara, and bronzer that looks like they smeared clay into the sides of their face. You saw them stomping around your middle school and high school hallways. Now you see them from time to time in a college classroom (How they have the time to apply so much makeup on a college schedule remains a mystery to me). That girl might even be you!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and wear it pretty much daily and go all out for more formal occasions. However, whenever I’m late for class, or late for anything, or doing something where I shouldn’t even be bothered to apply even concealer, I’m not afraid to go barefaced. I embrace my flaws, dark circles from a hard night’s work, and the occasional breakout from the stresses of exams. I have redness around my nose and my eyelashes are naturally short. I’m not nitpicky about things on my face because, in reality, they’re not that bad. It’s stuff that only I notice while looking in the mirror.

The truth is, some girls wear way too much makeup because they’re trying to hide ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections’. Newsflash: Makeup is made to ENHANCE what you already have, not make you into a completely different person, unless that’s your goal! On my YouTube channel, I do all kinds of looks: from natural and fresh-faced to glam and dramatic. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having fun with makeup and being completely glam. However, when you’re wearing tons on your face every. single. day. in order to make you feel better about yourself or to impress others and all you’re doing is going to class or hanging out, then it’s a problem. Odds are you look perfectly pretty without all the slap, you’re just not embracing what you have NATURALLY! I’m also willing to bet that the reason you don’t see your natural beauty or you feel bad about yourself is because you aren’t taking care of yourself, your skin, your body, and your health!

I am going to outline all of my tips and tricks that I use in order to keep myself looking & feeling ‘pretty’ without makeup. Truth is, your face and your body is like anything precious and delicate in life. If you have a white suede purse and leave it on the ground all the time, throw it around, or let things spill on it, i.e. not take care of it, it will start to look ugly, worn, and completely destroyed! However, your face and your body are much more important than that purse because they’re virtually irreplaceable! So in order to have pretty skin, pretty eyes, gorgeous eyelashes, and a healthier complexion, it has to start from within. You must work for it. Start by taking off all of the warpaint and follow my tips below:

1. Have a clean and healthy diet! Eliminate processed foods, junk food, and anything sugary. Remember you are what you eat! Also, never forget that what you look like from the outside is a result of what you put in the inside!
2. Drink lots of water everyday and eliminate/consume less sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages and dairy milk! Water helps drain your body of toxins and flushes out the bad stuff! It’s no secret that drinking water helps improve your skin and clear out many breakouts!
3. Find a good skin care routine that works for you and STICK TO IT. Never fall asleep with makeup on and be diligent in keeping your skin clean.
4. Get Your Beauty Sleep! Always try to get those 8 hours in! The skin rejuvenates itself while you are sleeping and we all know how bad things get when we don’t get sleep!
5. Improve and lengthen your lashes by applying Vaseline, or a mix of Coconut oil and castor oil every night after removing your makeup! The nutrients in these oils help nourish hair follicles and do improve your eyelashes over time. I have noticed that mine have gotten longer!
6. Wear a clear mascara to keep your eyebrows in place and make sure to keep them groomed! Natural doesn’t mean you have to stop showing your brows love! Also, having groomed eyebrows makes your face look more polished.
7. Make your lips looks plumper and thicker by taking a small damp towel and gently rubbing the towel on your lips! This sloughs off dead skin cells, exfoliates the lips, and makes the lips look more red because of the increased circulation! Follow up with a moisturizing lip balm.
8. Pinch your cheeks for a temporary flush! It’s a trick that was used by women many years ago before blush or rouge was used.

Natural beauty and embracing it are so important! Makeup can be harmful to your skin and make your skin and complexion look worse over time. I challenge you to go makeup free for two weeks! You’ll notice how much your skin will improve by not wearing cosmetics and by using my tips. I made a video a few years back about natural beauty where I go more in depth on the subject and give even more tips! You can find it here:

Confidence without makeup comes from not caring what others say and think about you. It’s your face, you don’t have to be pressured into thinking you’ll only be beautiful because of the products you have on your face. Everyone has beauty, you just have to embrace and be grateful for your beautiful traits! I want you to also check out my video solely on being confident without makeup right here: It’s loaded with advice. Beauty, no matter what you do on the inside, will never mean anything unless it comes from the inside. Confidence is key and the true key to being and feeling beautiful. So don’t be afraid to take off the warpaint and be your natural self for a little while. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful you truly are!

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