Life After the Navy


If you join the Navy it is almost guaranteed that you will come out a better, more advanced and technically trained individual.  When your time in the Navy is over you can elect to leave entirely or you can remain on Active Duty or move into a part-time role in the Navy Reserve.  In either of these scenarios, after having served, you will be better educated, trained and have developed leadership skills to offer a new employer.

The benefits that will be available to you after leaving the Navy are also very notable. If you elect to put in 20 years in the Navy, you can retire with generous pay, plus still receive health benefits and discounts at on-base shopping.  Also you will still be young enough to enjoy a second career if you want. Or choose another role to invest your time and talents.

All Navy veterans receive help finding employment or additional schooling when they exit.  Low interest loans for new homes or low cost life insurance are extra perks. You are also given preferential hiring privileges when applying for government jobs.

You can stay connected to all the great Navy benefits if when you leave Active Duty you join the Navy Reserve.  You will still enrich your experience and skills while you build a civilian career.

You can earn 4 days’ pay for every 2 days worked a month and these are usually only drilling days.  You will still receive additional training and skill advancement. Plus your existing skills will continue to be sharpened.

And you still get to travel with the Navy when they send you to exotic Ports of Call.  Pack your bags for St. Petersburg, Russia.


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