Navy life

Considering any new career is a time for information gathering. A career is a big chunk of your time and your life. If you are looking at the military this holds doubly true because your commitment cannot be so quickly changed.
If you are considering the Navy you still need to look at the basics; what is the job, what are the benefits of joining and where will you be living? What happens when you get out? Will your skills transfer into a civilian job? What is the life style of a Seaman? Will I be living on a ship?
Enlisting in the Navy is to join a separate force of the military. To do any job, you will need to train but in the Navy you will also serve your country and work alongside other Sailors. Just like anyone else, after work you can spend time with family and friends and continue to pursue your own interests or hobbies. If you are posted on a ship your family will not be with you. But these are temporary, rotating assignments and limited in time.
What does the Navy do? The US Navy is quoted as being a “global force for good”. In today’s world that takes on many diverse forms. First, the US Navy has been around for over 237 years. Even though times change, the threats are still out there but can be more hidden. The Navy is still very much needed.
The US Navy has a particularly demanding mission statement. They make no bones about what they are here for. So if you want a definitive answer as to what you will do in the Navy here it is.
From the Navy’s own literature, “The Navy’s Mission is to train, equip, and maintain combat ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.” This is a powerful statement. If you like being direct and having no indecision about your purpose, the Navy may be the place for you.

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