What is the navy like


You can see what the Navy is like before you join.  The Navy has some pretty cool “toys” to let you experience the Navy first hand.  The Navy sponsors these cool events where you can learn more about the Navy.  Check out Navy simulators, or the physical challenges required of a recruit or use the interactive displays to plan your next Navy mission.

The Navy offers a four station video gaming experience where you can test your skills against your buddies.  It is custom built with the latest consoles all in a SUV that pulls into an expo near you.

This SUV is totally tricked out.  They open up the rear gate and out comes a wing looking device and underneath are 4 large monitors each with their own gaming controls.  For added fun an electric guitar is attached to each side.

Do you want to feel what it is like to stand aboard an aircraft carrier?  What about aboard an aircraft carrier when a fighter jet takes off?  You can, with the Navy’s Simulator.

You can also feel what it’s like to fly that fighter jet. This is set up like a mini-theatre. Inside you’ll see and feel what it’s like on missions that the Navy is assigned.

Maybe you’ll observe the enemy in one scenario. Feel what it is like to be a part of a humanitarian mission and land ashore.  You can see what high-tech technicians do and what equipment they use.

Coming to a community near you, you can check out the Navy experience with your family and friends. Then join them for an adventure of a lifetime.


Sources Cited:  https://www.navy.com

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