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Your interest in the Navy may be more oriented to under the water than on top. Submarines are officially part of the Navy.  You could serve under the sea and thrive in pressure filled, exclusive and mysterious submarine communities. This community is one of “silent service” as often times people don’t know you are there, which is the point.

Serving on a submarine is a unique opportunity and one that requires a special set of skills.  Since the crew size on a submarine is by necessity much smaller than other vessels, these crew members need to be capable of special training in several areas.

These are cutting edge machines and to be on a submarine, first you need to volunteer for this duty.  They don’t want you if you don’t want to be there. That may be a relief to some who are claustrophobic.  Then you will need to pass specific tests to prove your skills and abilities.  Lastly you will receive advanced training from your specific technical area to damage control in case of emergency.

It takes a special mindset to be isolated from other people, the fresh air and the sun for long periods of time.  Those who successfully deploy on a sub don’t really think about being 400 feet underwater.  Once you’re inside it is likened to sitting in your living room.

Submarines deal in stealth and secret so if you deploy on a sub you may not be able to talk about your most interesting or adventuresome escapades.  Submarines venture unseen into the unknown.

You need to be smart and have technical skills to successfully deploy on a submarine.  Being a team player is also necessary as you must rely on your crew mates to survive.


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