What does the Navy Do

There is an old adage that the strength of any nation is dependent in part by the might of its Navy. And that is still true today. You might think with the advances in airplanes and the technology in stealth activities that would supersede the Navy. Not true. We still need a strong Navy.
America’s Navy is the most capable in the world today. And if you join this force you will be a member of a team that works towards stability in an ever changing world. You will be making an effort for positive change. This sounds counterintuitive for a force that is meant to be ready for combat at a moment’s notice. But the Navy works in many different areas and concerns. The stability they work toward affects all parts of the globe.
When you join the Navy you may be on a ship bound to deter piracy or drug trafficking. You may be keeping the waterways safe for global commerce to travel. And you may be engaged in warfare support, providing goods and services for ground troops.
You could also be delivering food and water to a country devastated by natural disaster. Humanitarian efforts by the Navy help Tsunami victims, earthquake disasters and countries recovering from floods. They also aid American citizens anywhere and at any time.
Sailors use their professional skills to carry out high standards in many diverse fields. Whatever your special interest, there is probably a match in the Navy. Not only will you be advancing the Navy’s cause but also as you learn and improve on your special skills you will be helping yourself as your career advancements improve.
With technology advancing and capabilities improving the Navy always needs exceptional people. This is more than being a military power it is being a part of a promising career choice that can lead to a higher calling.
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