Women in the Navy


Are Women in the Navy?  Of course they are. Women join the Navy for some of the same reasons that men do.  The Navy can be exciting, rewarding and challenging.  And to a woman in can be empowering because significant responsibilities are placed on all crew members and respect is earned. Being able to push yourself beyond what you thought your own capabilities are is personally rewarding.

Roles that were assumed to be men’s’ work in the past are gone.  Today, if a woman proves herself, just like anyone else, then they can assume any role they are capable of.

Women in the Navy fulfill all sorts of roles like learning the way around a nuclear propulsion power plant as an electronics technician.  Or if your skills are more towards engineering you could work with the Naval Reactors.  Women lead security details anywhere in the world.  Ships have planes too, so women are in the field of aviation as a crewman or as a structural mechanic.

As an underwater Navy diver you could work in submarine rescue or support special warfare in explosives, or do underwater maintenance, repair or salvage of equipment. Are you a good swimmer?  You can specialize in Aviation Rescue in open water environments.

Do you like to blow things up?  Or maybe stop things from blowing up?  In the Navy women can become explosive disposal technicians.  Here you will deal with explosive devices; finding them, identifying what they are and of course rendering them safe or diffusing them.

If you like to build things, women in the Navy build bridges, runways and buildings.  Women also fly some of the planes which are direct critical flight missions using state of the art aircraft.

Women really can be all that they can be in the US Navy.


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