Never Stop Reaching for your Dreams

Katie Blunt graduated from Metropolitan University in Denver in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Minor in Linguistics. She’s currently taking a new approach on Social Media as an Intern. In her down time, she enjoys reading whatever she can get a hold of; old and new novels alike.
After 4 long years, many late nights, multi-tasking between work and studying; I, Katie Blunt, was able to graduate from Metropolitan University in Denver, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Minor in Linguistics.

Going from High School to college is rough change. I was lucky enough to stay in my home town and many of my friends ended up going to the same school as me. I was even lucky enough to find a job that would let me work the hours around my school time in order to earn some money.
Yet, the hardest struggle was the first two years of my education. I stayed dedicated to my studies; whether that meant I was reading up on American history at 6:00 in the morning before we had any retail customers or finding out that my friends had more time than I did because of their lack of credits.
I can’t count how many times I stayed up all night studying or writing papers on scratch papers during my breaks or lunches. Add that to my friends dropping out of the same classes I was in or that I was exhausted from going straight to work after school.
I had to keep thinking of my end goal.
I knew what I wanted to do with my education and I knew where it would take me. So, I decided to immerse myself. I took summer school and accelerated classes in order to make sure I graduated in time. I knew once those perquisites were out of the way, the fun would begin. So I aced all of my tests. And finally, I was able to do what I was interested in.
I no longer cared that my friends weren’t in my classes; it was no longer about grades. I was deeply interested in what I was learning in order to get my major. I once again found why I wanted to go to school. It wasn’t about getting a degree, it was about how to move people with language, why literature is so important; the writings that would describe history, feelings, events, everything. It made me once again realize how we are able to communicate across different countries, different cultures and sometimes different languages.
Yet, I reached another snag. I had to have a minor too?! It was hard enough to reach my major classes but now I had to work on another set of classes too?! I was at my wits end on what to do. Then, someone told me about Linguistics. The study of language—I was already interested in what words could do, could inspire. That seemed the perfect thing to do. So not only did my minor spur me into completing classes for my major but they also did the opposite. While I was studying Shakespeare, I was learning how creative he truly was with his knowledge of the English Language with his word choice. As I was reading the Canterbury Tales, I was also learning how Old English was made and what influenced even the words that we use today.
From what I’ve learned and what I would pass on would be this; never give up. That far-off dream that you have from when you’re a freshman will grow. You will have struggles, it’ll be hard. Yet, every class that you finish, every year you complete, you get closer to your dream. The last two years will fly by and once you reach your senior year, your enthusiasm will double.

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