New Year Better Wardrobe

Caroline Gonzalez is a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). From Tucson, Arizona, she moved to New York City shortly after graduating high school. She has achieved an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising management and has also completed a bachelors’ degree in international trade and marketing for the fashion industries. She has worked as an assistant merchandiser for a small women’s clothing company based in New York City and has been part of the production and product development team for designer label KaufmanFranco.

It’s a new year, which means it’s also time for a new you. Well, not a brand new you but at least a better-improved wardrobe. One of the best economical ways I find that works is by simply organizing your closet. We all have to admit that our closets have looked like a bomb went off at one time or another and its not always that we are messy, but we just don’t have time to fold shirts or put items neatly in the right place when we are in a hurry and then forget to put them back afterwards. At least that is the situation in my case and that is why I am making organizing and keeping my closet well-structured one of my new years resolution.
The New Year is a perfect time to making room for the new and out with the old. I find that when my closet is organized I am not only able to find things faster but also put together new outfits more easily. By following three easy steps you can successfully manage your closet and your wardrobe. The best way to start cleaning out is to form three piles while gathering all clothing.
Pile #1- The first pile of clothing should be the clothes that you are definitely throwing out. These garments will be the permanently stained and ripped clothes that are no longer wearable.
Pile #2- The second pile should be donations, this are items that don’t fit or that you know you won’t longer be wearing them. This may be a small pile since most of us have that strong unexplainable attachment to certain clothing that wont let us get rid that ‘so last season’ top or shoe. Which brings me to the third pile.
Pile #3- This pile is the garment that we have not worn for a long time but the ones that we have such a hard time to get rid of. For these item I reserve special drawers for them because even though I know I will not wear them, there is still that voice inside my head saying “you might wear this some day again”. It is a weird attachment that I am sure we all share with certain pieces of clothing so when you are unsure you want to it give away just put it in a special place in your closet or drawers and if by six months you still haven’t worn it then it is time to donate it. This will be easier because with an organized closet you can keep better track of the things you wear and the ones that you don’t. Just remember that when you donate a piece of clothing there will be another person who will love just as much as you did once.
The clothing that you will definitely be keeping should be put aside and be hung or folded as you go. Another trick to finding pieces better is to organize by color and occasion, which is the next step after you are done with the piles. I always start with lightest color to the left and let it get darker so I finish with black to the right. For example I start with white tops, in front go the more casual shirts and toward the back of the white section tops are the more dressy white shirts. Continue with yellow, start with casual in front and finish with dressy yellow shirts and so on until you are at your darkest color. One side should be all your tops and the other all the dresses and skirts also following the same color and occasion rule.
Now for our favorite subject, shoes! For this next and final step I highly recommend that you invest in a shoe rack for you closet. This way you can have all your shoes stacked up and it will make less clutter. When your shoes are in rows on the floor it is easier to just kick them off and throw them in a pile on the floor. With a rack you will have to put the shoes back in their place and by the end of the day you will have a neatly organized shoe rack instead of a messy shoe pile on the floor. Put one shoe facing forward and the other back wards this way you can see the style and heel size at the same time allowing you to pick the perfect shoe for the occasion at the first try.
That is it ladies and gentlemen with these 3 simple steps you can have a better-organized closet. Not only will you be able to find items faster but it will also help you to put outfits together more easily. And of course if we are being realists our closet will get a little messy by the end of the month which is why it is important to not only start the new year cleaning out your closet but to maintain it at least once a month. Then every 6 months again make three piles for clothes that you are now throwing out, donating, and the ones you do not have the heart to get rid of just yet.

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